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List of products by manufacturer Subpac

Subpac designs tactile audio systems that allow a high quality immersive and sensory experience, especially for Virtual Reality.

In the VR360 shop, you can find Subpac's tactile audio systems, which provide a physical dimension to sound through vibrations. They optimize immersion in Virtual Reality.

  • 359,00 € PRE-ORDER

    Discover the power of the Subpac S2 which will immerse you with out of the ordinary sounds and sensations. The Subpac S2 is the second version of the S range intended to be used seated, perfect for static VR use.

    359,00 €
  • 389,00 € Out of stock

    Thanks to the new version of the M2X by Subpac, experience vibrations all around the upper body for an even more immersive experience. This new version comes equipped with a longer battery life and better vibration quality for an extraordinary virtual experience.

    389,00 €
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    Out of stock
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