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Caméra insta pro 2 + batterie View larger

Insta360 pro 2 camera & Farsight + additional battery


This pack includes the insta360 pro 2 camera and an additional battery in addition to the original one to double the duration of use.

With a resolution of 12K in photos and 8K in video, the insta360 pro 2 camera will delight all Virtual Reality professionals !


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  • The insta360 pro 2 pack & additional battery

    A reliable and efficient camera

    The insta360 pro 2 is a professional quality camera with many advantages.

    Its 6 "F2.4 fisheye" lenses capture in 8K more than 30 frames per second, for 360 ° videos of great realism.

    Use it whatever the level of brightness thanks to HDR mode in video and photo, for better color dynamics.

    Innovative features

    - The integrated GPS module: Retrieves your location in order to integrate it into your achievements. Ideal for the virtual visit or even Google Street View.

    - The live-streaming option: Live sessions with your audience or your friends.

    - The Fastight system: Allows remote control. Take pictures up to 300 meters on the ground and 1000 meters in the air (from a drone).

    - Internal stabilization: Allows a more fluid and professional rendering.

    - Spherical sound: The camera is equipped with 4 3D microphone.

    Extended autonomy

    Thanks to the additional battery supplied, extend the capture time of the insta360 pro 2 by 65min!

    One hour of charging is enough and your 5100mAh battery is operational.

    No longer have any limit on the duration of your sessions!

    Strong points

    • 12K resolution in photos & 8K in video
    • Additional battery (65min)
    • Integrated GPS
    • 8K live streaming
    • Remote control


    •     1 x Insta360 Pro 2 Camera
    •     1 x Adapter (power supply)
    •     1 x Type C data cable
    •     1 x USB Ethernet
    •     1 x Original battery
    •     1 x Additional battery
    •     1 x Microfiber fabric
    •     1 x Lens protection
    •     1 x Transport pack (rigid waterproof and dustproof case)
    •     1 x 1 meter network cable
    •     Warranty: 24 months

  • Picture resolution 12 000x12 000 (12K)
    video resolution Maximum : 3840x1920@30fps (4K 2D) (live-streaming) - Maximum : 7680x3840@60fps (8K 2D) ( post-production)
    3D picture resolution 7680x7680 (8K)
    Video 3D resolution Maximum : 3840x3840@30fps (4K 3D) (live-streaming) - Maximum : 7680x7680@30fps (8K 3D) (post-production)
    Rate 120 FPS
    Size diameter: 143 mm
    Weight 1550 g
    Lenses 6 lenses F2.4 fisheye
    Live streaming Yes
    Wifi Yes
    Alimentation 5100mAh battery (65 minutes of autonomy) - adapter / charger: 12V 5A

Pack content

  • 149,00 € IN STOCK

    Restore your Insta360 pro camera’s battery life thanks to this extra battery. Come equipped with multiple batteries to never run out of charge during your shoots. The battery adds a supplementary 65 minutes of battery life.

    149,00 €
  • 5 599,00 € IN STOCK

    Even more powerful, the Insta 360 Pro 2 will seduce all 360 ° video professionals. An even better resolution with 12K photo and 8K video! Benefit from a brand new long-range remote control system "Farsight", an internal stabilizer and an integrated GPS.

    5 599,00 €