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The twin edition of the INSTA360 One R camera includes 3 interchangeable modules.

The main touchscreen module can be assembled either with the 4K wide angle module, or with the dual lens 360 module.

Modulate the camera as you wish to make different types of captures.

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  • The INSTA360 One R Camera – Twin edition

    An interchangeable system

    The twin edition has the particularity of being transformable and being able to switch from a 360 dual-lens camera to a 4K shooter. The main module includes controls and a touch screen that provides direct image feedback. This module is associated side by side with one of the other two modules of the twin edition. When combined with the 4k module, it is possible to configure the orientation of the screen to the rear or to the front. This feature allows you to juggle between classic 4K shots and selfie-type shots.

    With its Super 5.7K resolution, the dual sensor 360 module allows you to get complete 360 ​​° captures, whether in video or still.

    The modules attach and are held by a battery base that connects to it by electronic contacts. This allows you to film continuously for more than 60 minutes.

    A mounting frame is also provided. It holds everything together and attaches a holding accessory such as a pole.

    Robust design

    Despite being modular, the Twin Edition is tough enough to withstand impact. When installed in the mounting frame supplied with it, it can even be submerged to a depth of 5 meters without the addition of a waterproof case. 

    Technicality and performance

    The camera has features that add real quality to captures, such as a 6-axis flowstate stabilization system that streamlines recordings by eliminating the effects of tremors and other unwanted movements. Or even its powerful tracking system which allows people or moving subjects to be tracked. 

    The diversity of modes makes it possible to consider several types of captures and in several different environments. Find, among others, timelapse, slow motion, burst, self-timer or even starlapse modes for capturing starry skies.

    It is also possible to control the recordings remotely through voice control, bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

    The One R app

    With the ONE R application and its intuitive features, save time when editing your 360 recordings. It is free on Android and IOS.


    1 x module with touch screen
    1 x 4k wide angle module
    1 x 360 dual lens module
    1 x Battery base
    1 x Charging cable
    1 x Lens cover
    1 x Mounting frame

  • Picture resolution4K module : 4000 x 3000 (4:3) & 4000 x 2250 (16:9)/ 360 module : 6080 x 3040 (2:1)
    video resolution4K module : 4000×3000 (30fps) ; 3840×2160 ((60fps -30fps) ; 2720×1530 (100fps - 60fps - 30fps) ; 1920×1080 (200fps -120fps -60fps - 30fps)./ 360 module : 5760x2880 (30fps-24fps-25fps) ; 3840x1920 (50fps - 30fps) ; 3008x1504 (100fps)
    ColorRed and black
    Dimensions72 x 48 x 43 mm