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Vive Flow Business


The Vive Flow business is cut out for VR in the corporate world. With a design similar to a pair of glasses, it is more compact and lightweight than traditional VR headsets. A particular design that does not detract from its technical performance, including a 3.2K resolution, immersive speakers or even the possibility of connecting to a smartphone.

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  • The Vive Flow Business

    VR in business

    Vive Flow business glasses offer all the necessary prerequisites for an exceptional audiovisual experience in Virtual Reality.

    They can be a tool of choice for companies regardless of the sector of activity: health, education, industry, construction, etc.

    The ability of the headset to broadcast 3D content in a realistic way makes it formidable in the context of:

    Learning & fun exercise
    Immersive training
    Remote collaborations
    Launch of a product
    Meditation, mindfulness and well-being
    Virtual Reality in a classroom

    And many others !

    The content can be modeled according to the desired user experiences. Thanks to applications such as Unity, it is possible to create a unique Virtual Reality environment, tailored for your customers and employees.

    The benefits for business

    But the Vive Flow business does not only have its technical qualities and customizable content to promote for business projects :

    Easy to transport and handle
    Total immersion without distractions
    Easy to use, accessible even to novices
    Save time thanks to its configuration tools

    The Vive Flow business also offers kiosk mode, which allows you to calibrate the HMD parameters in groups and connect any device to the glasses quickly.

    It also allows you to configure whether the holder of the Vive Flow can have access or not to some applications and offers facilitating configurations. For example, you can choose to enable or not some user tutorials for new users. Several other modes and functionalities allow the optimal comfort of the user in all situations such as:

    passenger mode (environment too dark or bright)
    camouflage of messages and notifications
    Bluetooth audio pairing
    Screen capture system

    High-performance and innovative VR glasses

    Breathtaking VR graphics

    The Vive Flow business comes with 3.2K resolution and 75Hz refresh rate.

    The image perceived on the LCD screen is more pleasant thanks to more clarity and fluidity.

    The field of vision extends to 100°, which makes it possible not to miss any detail of the VR environment during immersion.

    The immersive sound of Vive Flow business

    Be unfazed during your Virtual Reality sessions thanks to the spatial and clear sound of the speakers of the Vive Flow.

    The microphones are also echo and noise canceling, allowing you to communicate with great clarity without being distracted. Feel the slightest sound vibration as if it were next to you!

    From VR headset to VR glasses

    The Vive Flow business is a real revolution in the world of VR, in particular thanks to its unusual design which makes it more like glasses than a helmet.

    And for good reason, it weighs only 189g and has a design that makes it light and easy to handle.

    The Vive Flow's retractable temples also make it collapsible, making it easy to store.

    Connectivity of the Vive Flow with a smartphone

    Cast your smartphone screen in VR

    Very simply connect your Vive Flow to your smartphone via bluetooth.

    Thanks to this feature, it is possible to broadcast the contents of the phone screen in VR dimensions.

    Broadcast your mobile applications and their content directly on the Vive Flow screen and enjoy a unique preview.

    Among the compatible phones we can find some of the brand Huawei, samsung, HTC, oppo, sony, vivo, realme and many others.

    For more information on compatible smartphones, see the list provided by

    The smartphone as a VR controller

    The Vive Flow gives the user the choice between using the VR controller (sold separately) and a smartphone.

    If you acquire the Vive Flow VR controller, enjoy 3 degrees of freedom and a good ease of use.

    Your smartphone can be used in the same way as any type of VR device.

    Navigate freely on an intuitive interface accessible to all.

    Vive Flow, totally ergonomic VR glasses 

    For your viewing pleasure

    The Vive Flow has been designed to promote optimal eye comfort.

    Adjust the lens diopters to the focus that suits you.

    Adjust the optics on a scale of 0-6 and find your perfect vantage point.

    This ingenious feature allows the Vive Flow to adapt to all body types and views.

    The Vive Flow also includes a blue light filter which allows the eyes to rest during long sessions.

    VR glasses with optimal comfort

    The Vive Flow business incorporates a fairly elaborate active cooling system, which allows it to evacuate the heat from the ocular chamber.

    Overheating is thus avoided and the comfort felt by the user is greatly improved, almost as if he were wearing a basic pair of glasses.

    The Vive Flow also has the advantage of being very easy to remove and remove, due to its pivoting branches, which adapt to the shape of the user's skull.

    Finally, the Vive Flow includes a comfortable magnetic cushion that is easy to replace.


    1 x Vive Flow business pack

  • Field of view 100°
    Storage 4go RAM, 64go ROM
    Weight 189g
    Connexion USB-C Wifi Bluetooth