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Which accessories to use with your HTC Vive Tracker 2.0?

Which accessories to use with your HTC Vive Tracker 2.0?

The Vive Tracker 2.0 is an accessory of choice for optimizing tracking on a VR headset from the HTC Vive series. The sensors built into the tracker allow the tracking and reproduction of the movement of any object on which you equip it. The user experience and the immersion in Virtual Reality are significantly improved. But what accessories can you use HTC Vive Tracker 2.0 with to get the most out of it? The VR360 team gives you some tips on how to get the most out of the Vive tracker 2.0.

Accessories for use with HTC Vive tracker 2.0

Some accessories can improve and make more efficient use of HTC Vive tracker 2.0. In order to correctly integrate it into the configuration of a VR room, it should be properly attached to the object or the dedicated body member, to establish wired connections if necessary and to provide for a surplus of autonomy according to the duration of sessions.

The Tracker strap for Vive tracker 2.0

Available in several sizes (S, M, XL), the Tracker strap is a robust strap on which is integrated a 1/4 screw which allows the solid fixation of the tracker 2.0. These straps allow the Vive Tracker 2.0 to be fitted to your limbs in cases where precise body tracking is required for the immersion experience.

The strap hands tracker strap for Vive tracker 2.0

These straps have been specially designed to fix the tracker 2.0 on your hands, for a tracking which is well worth that obtained with the controllers. The way the tracker strap hands is fitted and the cutouts for the thumbs allow it to be fitted with ergonomics, almost like a mitten.

Trackstrap plus / Trackbelt Plus

This pack includes a set of 3 neoprene tether straps. They are adjustable and include 1/4 screws for hanging the Vive tracker 2.0. The trackbelt is attached to the belt and the 2 trackstrap on limbs of your choice. This set allows efficient and relatively complete tracking of movements throughout the body.

Powerbank battery for Vive tracker 2.0

The Powerbank battery can extend the autonomy of the Vive tacker 2.0 up to 8 hours. It connects to the tracker with a spiral cable and its design includes a 1/4 screw for fixing. It is also possible to fix it on trackstrap, with which it is compatible. The Powerbank is particularly useful for long sessions in Virtual Reality.

The charging station: Charge from 8 to 16 tracker 2.0!

The charging station includes 16 ports with USB splitters that limit interference between Vive tracker 2.0 during charging. This station is particularly useful for quickly recharging a large number of trackers between two sessions.

Silicone protection for Vive tracker 2.0

During hectic parts or simply when handling them, the Vive Tracker 2.0 may not always be shock-proof. In order to preserve their condition and the proper functioning of their sensors, it is possible to use a silicone protection.

Import objects in Virtual Reality thanks to the Vive tracker 2.0

More immersive VR experiences for professionals

Virtual Reality can be particularly useful to professionals in the context of training and simulations. The use of VR technology can be effective when it comes to reproducing real-world situations that require some expertise. It aims to put a professional or an apprentice in a situation through a realistic simulation, which leaves them with a greater margin of error than they might have in a real situation. VR can be used in multiple professions such as manual trades, high risk, in health, etc ... It is in these situations that Vive tracker 2.0 intervenes, which allows to import into the virtual environment all the tools and accessories necessary for the realism of the simulation. Equip the HTC Vive tracker with a baseball bat, soldering station, medical tool, replica firearm, or even a fire extinguisher.

A word from the team

Want to add a pinch of realism to your Virtual Reality experiences? Find in our shop the HTC Vive tracker 2.0 and some useful accessories for its good use. The Vive tracker 2.0 allows objects to be imported into VR, to the delight of those who wish to train, practice or simulate for simple entertainment. But it is also possible to extend the tracking to your members by equipping yourself with trackstrap, intended for trackers 2.0. Don't wait any longer to take the immersion experience even further!