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Service of Virtual Reality application service

Service of Virtual Reality application service

The immersive power that Virtual Reality allows, through a mixture of sound and visual feelings, allows any user to live a memorable experience. This process makes VR a great communication medium for professionals who want to effectively convey a message to clients or associates. It is also necessary to provide the user with a Virtual Reality experience that is successful and consistent. Depending on the use and the objectives, setting up a Virtual Reality application requires a certain expertise, from the reflection phase to its development. The VR360 team helps you imagine, develop and then set up a bespoke VR experience for your project.

Create your Virtual Reality application thanks to a dedicated service

A Virtual Reality application personalized to your needs

Aimed at professionals, this service aims to support you from the design to the distribution of your VR application. The purpose is to use Virtual Reality as a means of transmission for a message. Whatever the type of message: commercial, fun, educational, trainer ... our team helps you set up a quality VR experience that calls for the right sound and visual stimuli. This technique can prove to be most relevant in the context of internal or external communication operations, through training, demonstrations or even evaluations. To carry out your project, our experts provide you with all the knowledge and know-how essential to the realization of a viable and relevant VR application:

  • Project management
  • Communication strategy
  • Scenario development
  • Hardware configuration required
  • 3D modeling

The advantages of Virtual Reality for your project

The Virtual Reality app is the only means of communication that relies exclusively on 360 ° image and sound. This means that it combines the memorizing qualities that images induce with the emotional feelings that sounds can provide. This complementary mix of sensations can give rise to the most powerful immersive experiences, with minimal or no loss of attention. The effect? The stronger and more effective assimilation of the message you want to convey to your target. Be sure to leave a trace of your brand, product, or just demo in the user's mind. The connection between your brand and your audience, whether customers or collaborators, is deepened and more focused on emotion.

Creating your Virtual Reality experience in 5 steps

Step 1: listen to your ideas 

The first step is to lay the foundations for your future VR application. The VR360 team starts by listening to your ideas and needs. Then together we explore the field of the possible and establish a first framework taking into account your marketing and communication strategies.

Step 2: Definition of creative axes and material needs

Following creative thinking, decide on the most relevant visual, audio and interactive aspects for your VR application. Your message can be staged in different ways in a virtual environment. This involves choosing the right Virtual Reality hardware and configuration. This is why we define the hardware requirements necessary to create and ultimately use your VR application.

Step 3: Refine the scenario

On the basis of the framework established above, we outline several possible scenarios among which you must decide. There follows a process of improvement during which we agree on what elements to modify, remove or add. We actively exchange until the scenario is perfectly compatible in Virtual Reality and the content is ready to be created.


Step 4: Creation of Virtual Reality content

Our experts use all their skills to make your project a reality. Your Virtual Reality application is implemented through techniques such as 3D modeling.

Step 5: Delivery of the finished product

Once the content is created, you are presented with the final version of the VR application. Test the immersion experience to appreciate how it looks before using it in your project. Benefit from the qualities and all the power of Virtual Reality as part of your communication operation.

A word from the team

Halfway between the feelings of the real and the freedom that the virtual allows, the Virtual Reality experience gives a whole new dimension to the expression of your communication message. Thanks to a work of reflection and technique that is spread over 5 stages, the VR application creation service is aimed at professionals who attach particular importance to the emotional aspect that customers and employees can maintain with their brand. Please do not hesitate to submit a request for a quote or to contact us with any questions regarding this service.