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TEST : SUBPAC M2 for Virtual Reality

TEST : SUBPAC M2 for Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality can also be sounds, as well as images that bring you a bit closer to reality whilst experiencing VR.

Today we test the SubPac M2, the mobile version of the Subpac that offers a transfer of tactile bass.

Once the vest is equipped you will feel the full power of these basses that will vibrate through your body giving you a unique experience.

What is the SubPac M2 ?

The Subpac M2 is a “plug and play” system that uses bass sounds. This equipment adds an effect of tactile sound to your VR experience, that can be felt all throughout the body.

Why use the Subpac for Virtual Reality ?

The Subpac M2 works with sound vibrations that, combined with your Virtual Reality headset, promesses to improve your immersion.

Testing situation

For an optimal test, it is necessary to choose a content that naturally uses sound effects to interact with the user.

For this test we have chosen the game “ Arizona Sunshine “ with the HTC Vive. Once the straps are adjusted and the vest is equipped, via the box we set the basses to 50%. It isn’t necessary to put the bases up to 80%, to avoid the saturation of the tactile basses.

The test

We tested the Subpac in Virtual Reality for over an hour, divided in sessions of 20 minutes (with, and without).

We were rapidly impressed by the influence of the immersive sounds in the situation of Virtual Reality. Imagine the situation of shooting for example : we feel the power of every bullet through the body.

The difference is irrevocable : as soon as you feel the first bass frequencies you will quickly realize you are wearing equipment specifically designed for Virtual Reality, quality and powerful.

We were impressed by the Subpac’s ability to transmit the games sound frequencies throughout the entire body

We quickly got used to these new sensations and even felt that something was missing whilst not using it.

Be aware of the fact that you can adjust the strength of the bass depending on your sensitivity, by easily increasing or decreasing the level on the vest, all in game.

Our opinion

There isn’t a doubt that the Subpac M2 is clearly a tool for a real immersive experience. This portable version of the Subpac is particularly adapted for “roomscale” type VR experience.

We felt the depth of the basses that allowed us to experience an accurate VR immersion like no other. If you are interested to know more about the Subpac, you will find all the brands products that will give you VR immersion like no other, thanks to Subpac.