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Tutorial : Changing the foam in your Virtual Reality headset

Tutorial : Changing the foam in your Virtual Reality headset

Why change the foam in my headset ?

The foam is the component situated between your face and the Virtual Reality header and is particularly sensitive and can quickly get dirty, which can make wearing your headset uncomfortable.

After multiple uses, the foam in your virtual reality headset can deteriorate and accumulate dirtiness and sweat.

What are the possible solutions ?

Rest assured, there are many solutions to maintain comfort and optimal hygiene in Virtual Reality.

« classic » replacement foams

Similar to the original foams, they allow you to maintain a sound basis.

Semblables aux mousses d’origines, elles permettent de repartir sur une base saine. However, they will eventually wear out after many uses. It’s the case for the Hyperkin foam for HTC Vive for example, all the same this foams gives the possibility of wearing glasses while using the Virtual Reality headset.

Fabric VR foam covers

Particularly comfortable, the foams have 18 mm of thickness and come in two materials : cotton or velour.

The cotton has the advantage of airing the foam.

The velour offers a soft contact with your skin.

Advantages of fabric foams :

- Very comfortable (thickness and texture)

- washable by hand or in the machine (up to 30 degrees)

- gives a personal touch to your Virtual Reality headset.

« impermeable » VR covers

Synthetic leather foam covers come in thick and thin formats from 6 to 14 mm. Less comfortable once in contact with your face, these foams are distinguished thanks to its two key advantages :

- you benefit from an optimal immersion thanks to the reduced space between the lenses and your eyes. Your field of view is therefore increased for a better experience.

- These foams are easily washable thanks to their impermeable synthetic foam exterior : simply apply a cleaning wipe on the foam to disinfect it for optimal hygiene (we recommend the use of non alcoholic wipes for cleaning).

VR protective covers

Protective covers are, for us, the easiest way of keeping your Virtual Reality headset clean. They can not replace the foam of your headset, and are therefore are an addition that is applied over it.

They are to be applied directly over the foam.

Same as for foams they come in three different materials : cotton, velour and synthetic leather, and offer the same characteristics.

Advantages of protective foams :

- easy to install

- adjustable to all types of foams (thick or thin)

- washable (by hand or in the machine up to 30 degrees)

- quality finish

How to change the foam in your VR headset

To change the foam in your virtual reality headset nothing is easier.

Step 1 : Place a pillow or cloth on the surface you wish to change your foam on to avoid all scratches on the front of your Virtual Reality headset.

Step 2 : Place your headset on the said surface

Step 3 : Hold your headset in one hand and seize one of the sides (left or right) of the foam in the other hand

Step 4 : lightly and slowly pull on the foam, as it should un-stick from your headset (the cover is stuck to the headset thanks to an adhesive velcro system)

How to change the cover in your VR headset

If you are using a protective cover, the method slightly changes :

Step 1 : Identical. Place a pillow or cloth on the surface you wish to change your foam on to avoid all scratches on the front of your Virtual Reality headset.

Step 2 : Place your headset on the said surface

Step 3 : Position the cover over the foam

Step 4 : Interleave the straps between the headset and the foam - apply slight pressure on this part of the fixation.

Step 5 : fold the exterior hem of the cover over the foam in your headset

VR 360’s opinion

We have a slight preference for the 18 mm VR Cover cotton that offers great comfort, is easily tied, and unlike velour is easily aired.

We also appreciate the Synthetic leather VR cover for HTC Vive which is a high quality product with a fine finish, which answers all your needs for a reasonable price.

We hope all our advice have helped guide you in keeping your headset as clean as possible so that your Virtual Reality experience stays a pleasant one.

Discover all our foams and covers for Virtual Reality headset.

Of course, do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from our professional advice at 04 42 90 70 70 !