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The brand Insta360 released the ultimate camera destined for professionals, the Insta360 Pro. After having received the first cameras, we proceeded to unpack the latest 360° cameras, which are the best answer to 360° video professionals needs.


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You are many to ask us how to clean your Virtual Reality Headset, here are a few tips for keeping your headset as clean as possible !


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The foam is the component situated between your face and the Virtual Reality header and is particularly sensitive and can quickly get dirty, which can make wearing your headset uncomfortable.


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For the CES 2017, HTC Vive announced three new accessories that look particularly interesting for optimising your Virtual Reality experience. The agenda for 2017 is, the possibility of integrating objects into virtual reality, a wireless system for complete freedom, a new fixation for the Vive.


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Undisputed leader in accessories and replacements for the main Virtual Reality headsets on the market, VR Cover has dedicated itself to offering equipment to regular and intensive Virtual Reality users.
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