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HTC Vive Cosmos motion faceplate View larger

Vive Cosmos motion faceplate


The Cosmos motion faceplate faceplate is compatible with headsets from the VIVE Cosmos series.

It is equipped with 6 tracking cameras which allow very precise tracking.


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  • Cosmos motion faceplate

    This 6 camera cover replaces your old cover and allows you to benefit from more precise and efficient tracking. Please note that VIVE controllers (sold separately) are required to use the motion faceplate.

    Exchange tracking fronts

    Remove the current cover: In the interior compartment of the helmet there is a lock button that must be pushed down and held.

    While holding the button down, peel off the front of the rest of the helmet, starting at the bottom right. Gently pull until it is completely detached from the helmet visor.

    Set up the cosmos motion faceplate: The plate includes teeth (or tabs) that must be inserted into the corresponding slots in the visor. Start by nesting on the right and finish on the left. If the plate is not completely glued to the helmet visor, press the center of the plate until you hear a click.

    Associate the controllers

    1. Connect the headphones to a computer and launch the VIVE console. Check if the headset icon is called "Motion Faceplate".
    2. To associate the controllers with the headset, still from the VIVE console, you need to click on "associate" below the icon of each controller.
    3. The rest of the instructions then appear on the screen

    Configure the room

    If the room configuration option does not appear, go there manually by selecting "room configuration" from the VIVE console on your computer, then follow the instructions.


    1x vive cosmos motion faceplate 

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