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Unboxing and presentation of the Insta360 Pro camera

Unboxing and presentation of the Insta360 Pro camera

The brand Insta360 released the ultimate camera destined for professionals, the Insta360 Pro.

A camera that offers the following characteristics :

> Ultra high resolution 7680x7680 (8K)/3D

> Real time stitching (or post production)

> Internal stabilizer

After having received the first cameras, we proceeded to unpack the latest 360° cameras, which are the best answer to 360° video professionals needs.

The Insta360 Pro answers the many problems related to rig (assembling of many cameras) : synchronisation of cameras, battery life, and stitching.

A real step up in the world of 360° video thanks to its different types of definition (up to 8K) and its ability to capture 3D content.


A “BW” transport case for the Insta360 Pro

This B&W type case is the essential transport solution for the Insta Pro - Great choice for the brand. Completely airtight this case will protect your camera from chocs, water and dust.

Insta360 Pro

Its interior is disposed wwith specific cut outs for the Insta360 Pro camera and all its accessories.

The different compartments can store :

> the camera

> its battery

> its charger

> its USB connection

> its user manual

Insta360 Pro

The camera and its components

The accessories where specifically designed to answer a professionals every need, Insta360 has planned everything including :

> An Insta360 pro battery

> An Insta360 pro double charger.

Insta360 Pro, optimal performances

Insta360 Pro

Nothing to say about the products finish, from the first use, we see the quality aspects of the camera.

A large choice of modifications to answer all your professional needs

The Insta360 Pro comes equipped with 6 fisheye lenses each 200° for a maximum resolution of 8K (7680 x 7680). This feat of technology can pass from photo to video mode with or without 3D, you choose :

> Maximum photo resolution : 7680x3840 (8K) real time assemblage or in post production

> Maximum video resolution :3840x1920 at 30fps (4K) assemblage in post production

> Maximum video resolution : 3840x1920 et 30fps (4K) real time assemblage/live streaming

> Maximum : 7680x3840 at 30fps (8K) assemblage in post production

> Maximum 3D Photo resolution : 7680x7680 (8K) real time assemblage or in post production

> Maximum 3D video resolution : 3840x3840 at 24fps (4K) eal time assemblage/live streaming

> Maximum : 6400x6400 at 30fps (6K) assemblage in post production

For Stitching you choose

In real time

One of the other strong points of the camera is its ability to “stitch” (assemble) your content in real time. An undeniable time saver for professionals and even more appreciated by amateurs of 360° video.

Stitching in real time : 3840x1920 at 30fps (4K)


Of course you have the option to go to the dedicated stitching program or on the Insta studio/stitcher.

Stitching/Assembling in post production : 7680x3840@30fps (8K)

The camera is also distinguished by its internal stabilization system that will greatly mitigate stabilization concerns.


With the Insta360 Pro, the brand wants to shake up the competition in the world of professional 360 °, including offering more ease in creating content, multiple settings and a quality of rendering to another level (8K).

Insta360 takes a serious lead over its competitors by offering a thoughtful product, well positioned and particularly well finished.

Do you want to rent an Insta360 Pro camera to test the camera or perform a service? Do not hesitate to contact us.