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Discover the Insta360 One, the 360° camera accesible to all !

Discover the Insta360 One, the 360° camera accesible to all !

Discover the Insta360 ONE, the 360° camera accessible to all.

Unpacking thhe Insta360 ONE, the 360° you can take with you anywhere.

The Insta360 proposes an compacte ultra performant 360° camera. The brand has chosen to offer 360° capturing to everyone.

Compatible with Apple Iphone, this camera is particularly good at instantly capturing and sharing your photos and videos.

First use

From the first use, we immediately see the quality aspects of the Insta360 One : A solid black hull, that included fisheye lenses on each side. Insta360 has provided a silicone case to store and transport your 360° camera (protects the most sensitive components of the camera, including the lenses).

Advantage : once turned over, this accessory becomes a selfie stick.

Insta360 One

On one of the sides you have an activation button to turn on the camera.

On the other side, you have a mini DisplayPort (to transfer your content) and a connector destined for your Iphone, allowing you to turn your smartphone into a 360° camera.

One of the main strong points of this camera is its ability to connect with Apple products. Allowing you to capture and instantly share your 360° photos and videos.

The base is equipped with a ¼ screw allowing you to secure your 360° camera to your tripod, perche, drone etc. There is also the possibility of inserting a micro SD the camera comes with an 8go sd card)

Discovery of the pack

The initial Insta360 One pack includes :

> the Insta360 One camera

> a silicone cover / selfie stick

> a micro USB cable

> a 8go micro SD card

You can download the Insta360 One free app (available on the App Store) which allows you to share your 360° photos and videos from your smartphone.

A live stream option is also included.

Insta360 One


The Insta360 One has two advantages : simplicity and exceptional technical characteristics.

The camera has 24 megapixel double fisheye sensors (12MP for each sensor) for 4K videos at 30 frames per second.

You have the possibility to choose between three modes to adjust fluidity and definition :

> Ultra high definition in 4K at 30 frames per second

> Medium resolution in 2560 x 1280 pixels at 60 frames per second

> Low resolution in 2048 x 512 pixels at 60 frames per second

Please note that the camera assembles photos itself, all you have to do is capture, view and share!

Our opinion

Insta360 shows its might as one of the benchmark 360° cameras on the market, the Insta360 Pro was for professionals, the Insta360 One is for private use.

It is all in all a very good camera, ultra compact, connected and very performant.

The Insta360 One seduces 360° content lovers who love high quality and easy usage.