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How to choose your VR Headset?

How to choose your VR Headset?

You want to buy a Virtual Reality headset, but you do not know which one to choose? In this article, we will help you guide your choice for the purchase of your new VR helmet. We will detail the main types of VR headsets and the important points to consider before making your choice.

The different types of helmets

  • Autonomous VR Headsets: This is the latest generation of Virtual Reality headsets, which have the ability to operate completely independently of any complementary computer system or smartphone.
  • PC VR Headsets: this is still the best thing in Virtual Reality, especially in terms of their ability to exploit the most successful content (virtual experiences). These VR headsets are connected by cables or wireless systems to a "VR Ready" type of computer (a criterion that certifies the computer's ability to exploit Virtual Reality content) that allows it to function.

Criteria for choosing a VR headset

The market is relatively recent and the products still little known to a large part of professionals and individuals, the first purchase of a headset Virtual Reality can seem difficult. However, it is enough to determine your needs in Virtual Reality, and to take into account certain technical criteria, to buy your VR Headset with ease. VR 360 helps you in this process by summarizing the main criteria of choice.

VR Headset PC or Headset VR Standalone?

The PC VR headset allows you to immerse yourself in very high quality content. So you have to ask yourself if you really need to experience the most immersive immersive experiences, or if a standalone VR headset that already offers a very qualitative immersion is enough for you.

Moreover, the use of a PC VR headset implies some constraints to take into account. Indeed, the computer resources needed to operate this type of headset vr are relatively high. You will need a PC computer with a specific graphics card, as well as a particular processor to broadcast all your content.

Finally, you will also sometimes need (depending on models) to install sensors to detect your movements in Virtual Reality and a cable between your computer and the VR headset will be essential (note that there are also wireless systems). The use of a standalone vr helmet is called "turnkey", you can use your helmet directly after turning it on.

What do I expect from my vr helmet?

By buying a VR helmet, it must meet your expectations. For example, if you want to use your VR headset without waiting for a moment, then the standalone VR headset will look better.

If you prefer to experience what is currently best in Virtual Reality and you have a compatible VR Ready computer, then the PC VR headset will be your best ally.

What types of content?

This is for us one of the first criteria to take into account because it will allow you to save some time in the choice of your Virtual Reality headset. Each type of helmet has predispositions to exploit such or such content. Each brand of headset often has its own content platform (some platforms and content are sometimes available also on competing brands). One of the first questions to ask is therefore:

  • What types of content are decisive in my choice?
  • What content is available on which type of helmet?

What is my budget?

From 219 € to almost 2000 €, there are headsets of Virtual Reality for all budgets.

No need to choose the most expensive VR headset at risk of getting lost in the features and not to exploit the capabilities of it 100%.

In addition, it can be interesting to keep a little budget for RV accessories that are more or less expensive depending on your needs.

The main technical criteria:

  • Definition: This is the number of pixels that make up the image (points that make up the image), often indicated in the number of pixel lines that make up the width of the image and the height (Width x Height).
  • Field of view (FOV): As its name indicates, it is the width of the image, expressed in degrees. For comparison, that of the human is between 100 ° and 110 °. The wider the field of view, the higher the immersion impression.
  • Display Frequency: This is the refresh rate of the image - very impacting on the fluidity of the image. Expressed as a frequency in Hertz "Hz", the higher it is, the more we obtain a natural movement of the image.
  • Tracking System: Tracks your movements and transcribes them into the immersive experience. Some systems include external sensors to have in your room, others have cameras built directly into the headphones.
  • Types of controllers: Depending on the headphones, the controllers / controllers may differ. According to the appreciation of each one: some are better designed than others, others integrate the 6DOF, integrate straps ...
  • Weight and Ergonomics: All helmets are not designed on the same model, different sizes and weights according to brands, models and type of helmet (pc or standalone). It's up to you to find the helmet and adjustments that are right for you.

Secondary criteria:

  • The richness of the content platform: content remains an important element to take into account, especially if you are an individual. Indeed, professionals are generally more likely to exploit their VR headsets on their own personalized content. We also offer our own content creation service for professionals. More often than not, as an individual, access to VR experiences / content will be easily achieved through brands' online content platforms, such as Oculus Store or Steam VR.
  • Community: The community around your VR helmet brand is also important because it will easily answer all your questions. Having a maximum of people using the same VR headset ensures you can find help online if needed. Privileging the big brands is usually interesting because the community that has developed around their products is potentially important.
  • The brand: integrating the brand into the first order criteria may seem exaggerated. However we are on a nascent technology, where some brands have proven themselves and are recognized for their quality. Among the famous brands: HTC Vive or Oculus Rift for example. At VR 360 we make the choice of quality for our customers. We therefore give pride of place to the most renowned VR Headphones such as the Vive, or the Oculus Quest autonomous VR headset.
  • Support: The support offered by your dealer is also important. This new technology requires special skills and knowledge. Not all resellers own them. At VR 360, our team specializes in Virtual Reality and provides a fast and efficient customer service, by phone and email, in the advice of products that best meet your needs, in support after the purchase and in the management of your possible problems.
  • Accessories: Finally, we must not forget that accessories are often necessary to enhance and enhance your virtual experience. Many vr accessories are compatible with all helmet models. However, once again, leading brands such as Oculus or HTC Vive offer a wide range of complementary accessories to meet all your needs.

VR 360 accompanies you in your choice

As a virtual reality hardware distributor since 2016, VR 360 is committed to offering only the best of its kind: the HTC VIVE and OCULUS historical references in our range. That said, and to begin this discovery of the immersive world, it is important to note that the immersive technologies used by professionals and individuals are multiple, there are actually different types of VR headsets with each their specificities, interests and limits. Want to know more ? Do not hesitate to contact our experts in Virtual Reality.

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