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How to store your Virtual Reality equipment and get around with it ?

How to store your Virtual Reality equipment and get around with it ?

Depending on how you use it, your VR headset and its accessories may be exposed to wear and tear and the risk of breakage. This is especially true when traveling and finding a suitable location or storing VR gear. Safely storing Virtual Reality equipment and handling it more efficiently while on the move contributes to its durability and can make your life much easier. The VR360 team presents you with the most effective VR storage accessories in this field and gives you some useful tips to maximize the transport of your VR equipment.

Protect, store and transport Virtual Reality material

Adapted storage for the VR headset and its accessories

Before choosing the suitcase, case or bag in which to store your gear, it is essential to take inventory and estimate the storage space you will need. Depending on the model, suitcases, bags and cases do not have the same dimensions and interior configurations. While some only include space for a VR headset and its controllers, others include additional storage space for other accessories. It is therefore possible to accompany your VR headset with any type of accessory, such as one or more Vive trackers, base stations or even a computer for PC VR headsets.

Which suitcase or storage to choose for your VR headset?

Depending on the means of transport used and the distance traveled, the storage accessory and the VR equipment it contains may be used more or less. Therefore, factors such as safety and ease of transport should be taken into account. The storage accessories available in stores all place more or less emphasis on strength and transportability. Choose the one that, in addition to offering enough space for all your gear, will have the sturdiness and transport characteristics to match the journey you plan to make. Some suitcases and cases are made of more or less resistant textiles while others are made of more or less robust plastics. These storage units can also include handles, straps, or even wheels. Ultimately, to choose your transport accessory, it is recommended to take into account :

  • The nature of the trips (length, means of transport, etc.)
  • The storage space required for all VR equipment
  • The material and its properties (resistance, lightness, etc.)
  • Transportability (handles, wheels, shoulder straps, strap, etc.)

B&W storage and transport cases for VR equipment 

B&W storage and transport cases are ideal for the Virtual Reality headset and all its accessories. The greatest asset of these suitcases is in the effectiveness of the protection they offer. And for good reason, they have been tested and certified IP-67, MIL-STD-810G, ATA 300, STANAG 4280 and DEF STAN 81-41. B&W cases are waterproof and offer excellent protection against shocks and extreme temperatures. This robust design made of Polypropylene makes them particularly stackable. These cases also have a modular interior that allows you to arrange the VR headset and its accessories according to your preferences. They offer an excellent solution for the protection, storage and transport of the VR equipment of the most demanding users.

The 5000 suitcase

The B&W type 5000 suitcase has a compact format which makes space saving and facilitates transport.

Added to this is a side handle which is foldable.

The suitcase contains just enough space to store standard equipment, made up of a VR headset like Oculus Quest 1 or 2 and its two controllers.

The 5500 suitcase

The B&W type 5500 suitcase combines strength and storage space.

The 5500 has a deep bottom, which allows for the storage of several accessories.

It can hold up to two Virtual Reality headsets like Oculus Quest 1 or 2, or a headset HTC Vive pro with its accessories and a computer up to 19 inch.

The 6000 suitcase

The B&W type 6000 suitcase is ideal for storing a Virtual Reality headset and some accessories.

For example, it is suitable for storing a PC VR headset like HTC Vive pro with its controllers, cables and a computer that is 19 inch or less in size.

The 6600 suitcase

In addition to its durability, the B&W type 6600 suitcase emphasizes the transportability of VR equipment.

Its extendable handle and wheels make this suitcase easier and more pleasant to carry.

The 6600 model can contain a VR headset like HTC Vive pro, its controllers and a few accessories as a computer under 19 inch.

The BPS backpack system

This robust BPS backpack system is compatible with B&W 5000, 5500, 6000 and 6600 cases.

It simply fits on a B&W suitcase and allows VR equipment to be transported on the back.

Cumulate trips with your VR equipment while minimizing efforts and with optimal safety.

A word from the team

Once you have gauged your protection, transportability and storage needs, all you have to do is choose the perfect suitcase. B&W cases represent the most versatile solution for the safe transport of your VR equipment. Find your ideal transport accessory between many type of cases for Virtual Reality. So that you can further refine your choice, we invite you to consult our catalog dedicated to bags and storage. The VR360 team wishes you a safe trip !