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Uvisan Large VR30 UV-C cabinet View larger

Uvisan Large VR30 UV-C cabinet


The VR30 UV-C cabinet is a cabinet dedicated to disinfection, secure storage and charging of your VR equipment.

Its UV rays eliminate 99.99% of all types of viruses and bacteria, including that of covid-19.

Equipped with the most spacious format in the range, the Uvisan VR30 cabinet can hold either around 30 VR headsets, 18 computers or 75 tablets.

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  • The Uvisan large VR30 UV-C cabinet for disinfection

    The VR30 UV-C large cabinet is a hygiene maintenance machine that is formidable for the elimination of germs on professional VR equipment.

    Benefit from all the reliability of a 200W disinfection cabinet, which has been tested and certified according to IEC 62471 & ISO standards.

    The VR30 cabinet is the most spacious model in the range ahead of the VR12 and VR20 cabinets, which have less capacity but take up less space.

    Its movement is made easy by two wrists and 4 casters, two of which incorporate a locking system.

    Disinfection using ultraviolet rays

    The VR30 cabinet incorporates low pressure UVC bulbs (254nm) with a power of 15W.

    This produces ultraviolet (UV) radiation and eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including Covid-19.

    The Virtual Reality material exposed there, in addition to becoming fully disinfected, is not damaged in the process.

    A strong argument compared to traditional means of cleaning, which can damage the material by being carried out by mechanical friction or by involving chemical components.

    To prevent overheating, the cabinet also incorporates a cooling system, air conditioning and a timer.

    Save time and money

    In the long run, save money by saving yourself from the purchase of wipes, accessories and cleaning products.

    This also applies to charging and storage accessories since the VR30 cabinet is three in one.

    While traditional cleaning methods produce waste, the VR30 cabinet allows you to do something for the environment since it does not involve any disposable items.

    While cleaning your equipment yourself requires a certain thoroughness and above all a certain patience, the VR30 cabinet disinfects your equipment in cycles of only 2 to 5 minutes.

    A secure storage cabinet

    The interior of the VR30 large cabinet was not only designed to effectively disinfect your equipment.

    Indeed, the VR30 also fulfills the role of a practical storage cabinet for all your VR equipment.

    Plus, it's all safe thanks to its sturdy design and a door that locks with a latch handle.

    Inside the UV-C VR30 cabinet, store, recharge and disinfect all your VR equipment for an equivalent of:

    - 30 VR headsets (from the PICO brand), i.e. around a thirty of all models

    - 18 laptops 13 "

    - 75 tablets

    30 USB ports to charge your VR equipment

    The last of the three-in-one functions that add to storage and disinfection is nothing more than hardware load.

    This feature, made possible by 30 integrated USB ports, allows you to charge your VR headsets, computers, tablets and more.

    The savings in time are considerable since in addition to providing fast charging, the USB ports can operate even during disinfection cycles.

    This simultaneous hardware charge feature is a great addition to keeping you up and running from session to session.


    1x uvison large vr30 uv-c cabinet

  • Compatibility All VR Headsets
    Weight 82kg
    Dimensions 860mm(height)x900mm(width)x600mm(depth)