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Vive Facial Tracker



The Vive facial tracker has a tracking frequency of 60Hz which captures up to 38 different movements on the lower part of the face.

Reproduce in VR every movement of the jaw, lips, cheeks and mouth.

Take human interaction even further in the Virtual Reality environment.

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  • The Vive facial tracker

    An interaction developed in Virtual Reality 

    With the Vive facial tracker, capture every facial expression on the lower face.

    The different parts of the face are captured with precision: chin, teeth, jaw, lips, tongue, cheeks.

    Add even more life to Virtual Reality sessions by adding the aspect of human emotions and interactions.

    Whether it's a grimace, a smile, a laugh, or just a dialogue, reproduce all types of expressions in VR.

    The Vive facial tracker makes the tracking even more complete and allows to add more realism and immersion to the virtual environment.

    Use the full potential of the facial tracker in creative or educational simulations and applications. 

    High-fidelity face tracking

    The Vive facial tracker reproduces facial movements with a latency of less than 10 milliseconds.

    During a dialogue, the sound of the voice and the movement of the lips are thus synchronized.

    Infrared (IR) illumination guarantees efficient tracking even in low light.

    With dual cameras and wide-angle tracking, the facial tracker captures up to 38 different facial movements.

    With a tracking frequency of 60 Hz, the Vive facial tracker reproduces facial emotions with precision and fidelity.

    The face tracker easily integrates with the VR headset HTV Vive pro and HTC Vive pro eye thanks to the USB-C connector.

    Go further in creation thanks to the SRanipal SDK which can work with Unity and Unreal engines. 

    Strong points 

    Up to 38 facial movements taken into account
    High-fidelity precise tracking
    Almost zero latency
    Easy to install
    Compatible with Unity and Unreal 


    1 x Vive facial tracker 

  • Compatibility HTC Vive pro & eye & Cosmos

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