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Varjo XR-3


The Varjo XR-3 VR headset has a wide field of vision of 115°, which combined with exceptional visual qualities allows its user to live a unique experience in Virtual Reality.

Equipped with a LiDAR sensor, the headset can generate incredibly immersive Mixed Reality environments.

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  • The Varjo XR-3 headset

    A qualitative visual rendering in Mixed Reality

    The Varjo XR-3 brings together all the ingredients to impress its user.

    Starting with its very wide field of vision, which offers an opening of 115°.

    Not to mention a very rich color range, which matches 99% with the sRGB color space and 93% with the DCI-P3.

    Experience total immersion with sub-20 millisecond latency and 12-megapixel high-fidelity video streaming.

    Choose how real you want to keep by easily switching between augmented, mixed or virtual reality.

    Push the experience even further by using 3D applications: Unreal Engine, Unity, OpenXR 1.0, PREPAR3D or AUtodesk VRED.

    High-definition VR immersion

    The varjo XR-3 helmet also has a breathtaking resolution, which accumulates 70 pixels per degree.

    That is 1920 x 1920 px per eye in the focus area and 2880 x 2720 px per eye in the peripheral area.

    The foveal rendering is optimized thanks to the integrated eye tracking of the Varjo, carried by a frequency of 200Hz.

    This technology allows the headset to display in full resolution what the user is directly watching.

    This eye tracking data may be retained by the headset user for research or analysis purposes.

    Namely, Varjo emphasizes security and no personal data is collected.

    Open the field of the possible thanks to the XR-3

    Optimal ergonomics to erase the boundaries with reality

    The helmet has been designed to be functional for all types of sessions and to facilitate the well-being of the user.

    This starts with its main attachment system, a headband whose adjustment can be done precisely on three points.

    Added to this is an automatic adjustment of the interpupillary distance, an active cooling system and non-Fresnel lenses, which protect against eye fatigue.

    As if that weren't enough, the XR-3 was designed to also be suitable for people who wear glasses.

    Its components are hygienic and therefore easy to clean using wipes or dedicated accessories.

    Mixed Reality pushed to its climax thanks to the LiDAR sensor 

    This is an exclusivity in Mixed Reality, the Varjo XR-3 is based on a LiDAR sensor.

    The use of this technology allows in-depth detection of the environment and its components: hands, objects, people, etc.

    It greatly promotes the mix between virtual and real elements, resulting in a unique Mixed Reality experience.

    On the border between the real and the virtual, visualize all your projects with a unique aesthetic and environments recreated to the pixel.

    Ultraleap hand tracking uses highly advanced technology to detect the most subtle movements.


    1x Varjo XR-3 mixed reality headset
    2x power supply units
    6x power plugs, 2 of each
    2x headset adapters
    1x Cleaning cloth
    1x Varjo reference marker

  • Field of view 115°
    Dimensions Width 200mm, height 170mm, length 300mm
    Weight 594g + headband 386g