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360° Video

360° Video 

Discover a world in 360° thanks to our range of products dedicated to 360° vidéo. Capturing pictures in 360° is taking videos by storm, which was limited to 180° until now. To facilitate access to 360° video, VR360 have selected the best products on the market for you : known brands that offer many different types of captures and allow the optim...

Discover a world in 360° thanks to our range of products dedicated to 360° vidéo. Capturing pictures in 360° is taking videos by storm, which was limited to 180° until now. To facilitate access to 360° video, VR360 have selected the best products on the market for you : known brands that offer many different types of captures and allow the optimisation of your videos that are already captured.

Film your first 360° videos

Shooting in 360° is very different than with a standard camera, before it was necessary to focus on the element that you wanted to display in your video, but with a 360° camera no need to focus on one element you can film everything around the camera, you can decide what to keep or not when you edit it. Capturing experiences has been made easier, allowing you to experience the present moment like never before, and turning it into an unforgettable memory.

Create your own immersive 360° videos

At VR360, we propose all the necessary equipment to obtain immersive content adapted to Virtual Reality headsets. Our 360° selection proposes the best products on the market, chosen for their technical characteristics and their simple usage.

Share your 360° videos

Immersive 360° videos are now accessible to everyone, after having captured your best moments, you now have the possibility of sharing your 360° content in a few clicks on your favorite social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube etc.

Our advice from VR360 to choose your 360° equipment

If its to choose your 360° camera, or equipment related to 360° video, our specialists are here to help you make the best choice depending on how you plan to use your 360° equipment, your expectations and your budget.



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  • 599,00 € PRE-ORDER

    The Kandao QOOCAM camera is the very first pocket camera in the world to shoot 360 ° footage in 8K (7680 x 3840 - 30fps) and 4K (120fps). Its power, its accessibility and its many features make it the ideal camera to give free freedom to its creativity. Its compact size and 2.4-inch touchscreen make it a practical camera with great ergonomics.

    599,00 €
  • 49,99 € WITHIN 5 DAYS

    This case secures the Insta360 One X in its entirety, up to 5 meters deep. It is the ideal accessory to take underwater shots or to have peace of mind during a nautical activity. It also prevents the camera from being damaged (scratches, shocks ...).

    49,99 €
  • 89,90 € WITHIN 5 DAYS

    This diving box has been designed to protect the 360 ​​One X camera during your underwater captures. It is perfectly waterproof up to 30 meters deep and also helps protect the camera from bumps. It is the perfect accessory to capture 360 ​​° videos without damaging your equipment!

    89,90 €
  • 59,90 € WITHIN 5 DAYS

    This dual charger is compatible with the Insta360 One X. It allows you to recharge two batteries simultaneously in just 60 minutes. Save time when preparing your capture sessions!

    59,90 €
  • 29,90 € WITHIN 5 DAYS

    This battery is designed for the Insta360 One X camera. It offers 70 minutes of autonomy and works even in cold weather. This is a great way to extend the autonomy of your camera!

    29,90 €
  • 5 599,90 € IN STOCK

    This pack includes an Insta360 pro 2 camera, an additional battery and a double charger. This equipment is ideal for extending your capture sessions!

    5 599,90 €
  • 5 548,00 € IN STOCK

    This pack includes the insta360 pro 2 camera and an additional battery in addition to the original one to double the duration of use. With a resolution of 12K in photos and 8K in video, the insta360 pro 2 camera will delight all Virtual Reality professionals !  

    5 548,00 €
  • 2 499,00 € IN STOCK

    Capable of filming in 6K, the camera Z-CAM S1 is distinguished by an ingenious design in two parts and unique performances (spherical video, video feedback, 4 x fish-eyes lenses of 190 °). Designed for professionals, it is an ergonomic camera designed to capture immersive content in very high quality.

    2 499,00 €
  • 469,99 € IN STOCK

    The insta360 EVO is based on a two-part design on which two lenses are arranged to allow you to enjoy a 180 ° 3D mode or a 360 ° mode once the camera is folded. The camera has a resolution of 18 MP (6080 x 3040) 3D in photo mode and 5.7K to 30 I / S in video mode.

    469,99 €
  • 16 999,00 € IN STOCK

    The insta360 Pro Titan is the 360 ​​° camera dedicated to professionals of virtual reality VR film. The Titan has 8 lenses 200 ° F3.2 "fisheye lenses" for photos and videos in 11K quality in 2D and 3D. In line with the pro versions of insta360, La Titan integrates the integrated "FlowState" stabilization and its remote control system "FarSight Live...

    16 999,00 €
  • 459,90 € IN STOCK

    The Insta360 One X camera revolutionizes 360° shooting by offering reduced size and exceptional performance (360 ° 5.7K video at 30 fps). Its photo mode is not left behind capturing in 360 ° 18 MP (6080 x 3040). Use its dedicated application (Android and IOS) and many features (Flowstate, GPS / Google Street View, Time Shift etc.).

    459,90 €
  • 439,00 € IN STOCK

    The new Vuze XR can pass from 180° mode to 360° with the push of a button, to adapt to all situations. Capable of filming in 5,7K the Vuze XR is the ultimate camera to capture immersive content and share it on social media.

    439,00 €
  • 1 199,00 € IN STOCK

    Even more innovative, the Vuze Plus 3D 360 camera will be your best ally to capture your 360 ° videos, in 4K and all in 3D ! Its 8 "fisheyes" lenses and its "Humaneyes VR Studio" application will allow you to create your own Virtual Reality content.

    1 199,00 €
  • 499,90 € IN STOCK

    Attractive and impressive, the Kandao QooCam camera offers sterling quality allowing you to shoot in 360 ° (4K), and 180 ° in (3D)! You can easily switch from 360 ​​° vertical mode to the 180 ° horizontal mode thanks to its articulated system and its 3 "fish-eyes" lenses situated on each side (two at the front and one on the back). Many features: live...

    499,90 €
  • 5 599,90 € IN STOCK

    Even more powerful, the Insta 360 Pro 2 will seduce all 360 ° video professionals. An even better resolution with 12K photo and 8K video! Benefit from a brand new long-range remote control system, an internal stabilizer and an integrated GPS.

    5 599,90 €
  • 7 188,00 € IN STOCK

    The Kandao Obsidian S 360° camera is distinguished by its capacity to film at very fast rate, 120 frames per second. A professional tool ideal for the creation of 360° content and very performant for capturing slow motion footage.

    7 188,00 €
  • 839,90 € IN STOCK

    The Moza Guru360° Air is a manual stabilizer on 3 axles specially designed for 360° cameras : its gimbal was designed not to obstruct the field of view of your 360° videos. It's the ultimate accessory to stabilize your 360° cameras for a professional result.

    839,90 €
  • 4 199,00 € IN STOCK

    This pack includes the Insta360 Pro 360° camera, an extra battery and a double battery charger. It’s the ideal pack for long shooting sessions with the Insta360 Pro.

    4 199,00 €
  • 4 119,00 € IN STOCK

    This pack includes the Insta360 Pro 360° camera and an extra battery. No need to worry about running out of battery. This pack allows you to shoot for longer.

    4 119,00 €
  • 797,90 € DELAY : 5 DAYS

    This carbon tripod has 3 sections to allow you to shoot 360° videos. With a maximum height of 160 cm, this tripod offers an ideal view angle for the creation of immersive content.

    797,90 €
    DELAY : 5 DAYS
  • 83,90 € DELAY : 5 DAYS

    This tripod base for 360 ° cameras is ultra light and very easy to transport. You will only have to choose an extension/perche adapted to fix your camera.

    83,90 €
    DELAY : 5 DAYS
  • 34,90 € DELAY : 5 DAYS

    La pince "super Clamp" se fixe à de nombreux types de supports (tubulaire, carrés, plats etc.) Diamètres acceptés entre 13mm et 55mm. Verrouillage simplifié.

    34,90 €
    DELAY : 5 DAYS
  • 99,90 € DELAY : 5 DAYS

    Cette ventouse dédiée à la vidéo 360° vous permettra de fixer votre caméra 360° sur n’importe quelle surface plane non poreuse.

    99,90 €
    DELAY : 5 DAYS
  • 472,90 € DELAY : 5 DAYS

    Thanks to this Virtual Reality carbon perch, you will be able to vary the height of your 360 ° camera from 103 to 470 cm.

    472,90 €
    DELAY : 5 DAYS
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