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Secure payments : Purchase in confidence

Bank Card

Providing a secure payment for you when you are buying from us is a priority. To guarantee the best possible security and protect your bank details, we have chosen the best payment solutions that are 100% safe.

Working with Credit Agricole, VR360 controls all payments through Paybox, the best online transaction surface. The website VR360 also uses a high quality encrypter for your bank details with an SSL system, provided by Paybox.

In addition to this, VR360 protects you against fraud by identifying the carrier of the card for the payments made in France.

The site defines an “average cart” where the 3D-Secure system activates itself during the final steps of your transaction.

In France, all banks that have a bank card system use 3D-Secure. With a French card we guarantee the finalisation of your payment, all in security.

For your purchases from France and the rest of the world, you can opt for online payment with, among others, Visa, Mastercard, American Express partners of our e-commerce site.

Bank Transfer

In the situation where you want to do a bank transfer, you will need to select the option “bank transfer” whilst choosing your payment method.

A specific page will open for the bank transfer, with our bank coordinates.

You will then need to proceed with the bank transfer through your own bank’s administration. Don’t forget to indicate your order of reference in the subject/object of your transfer. This reference is communicated to you on the precedent page, and via the email address you provided for your VR360 account.

Once your payment has been received, we will proceed to send your order.


If you have a Paypal account, VR 360 also allows you to pay using this method. Whilst choosing your payment method, choose “Paypal” and let yourself be guided through the process.

You will be redirected towards Paypal’s website where you can finalise your payment. The page will show “VR360” at the top of the page, with the price of your purchase. Provide our Paypal email address and password to finish the transaction.

Purchase order and administrative mandate

To answer the needs of communities, schools, media libraries, and of course public organisations, VR360 offers the possibility of a personalized quote and also accepts purchase orders from administration without without a limited amount.

For this, you will need to contact us so we can establish your needs and make a quote.

Whilst paying with an administrative mandate, you must provide all the necessary documents so we can process your order correctly.

VR360 will communicate your personalized quote within 48h. Our team at VR360 have had the experience with public establishments that use public accounting (education, town hall, territorial collectivity etc.)