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    360° cameras

    360° cameras 

    Film your first 360 ° videos and share your immersive content! Follower of "live streaming"? Transfer live your events, moments of life or sporting exploits thanks to our selection of 360 ° cameras. Take note of the specifications for each camera to choose your own. 360 ° Cameras allow you to create your own Virtual Reality content.

    A large choi...

    Film your first 360 ° videos and share your immersive content! Follower of "live streaming"? Transfer live your events, moments of life or sporting exploits thanks to our selection of 360 ° cameras. Take note of the specifications for each camera to choose your own. 360 ° Cameras allow you to create your own Virtual Reality content.

    A large choice of 360 ° cameras

    The VR360 Team offers here its selection of 360 ° cameras tested by our experts. Choose from cameras with different prices and different features. The catalog ranges from the most simplified and compact 360 ° cameras to the most complex and equipped cameras. What delight amateurs and professionals!

    2.0 360° shots

    The 360° camera is the ultimate device for recording immersive 360 ​​° videos. The image is accurately recorded in all directions, without leaving any detail behind. They allow you to realistically capture a scene from the real world, which you can then share on the various broadcasting platforms for the benefit of the public or those around you.

    At the service of Virtual Reality

    In order to enjoy an optimal immersion experience and make the most of your captures, we recommend using a VR device. Indeed, 360 ° videos represent quality content that you can view on a Virtual Reality headset and on dedicated applications.

    • 449,00 € IN STOCK

      Kandao's Qoocam Ego is a stereoscopic 3D camera that lets you capture stunning 60FPS and 4K captures. View your captures on a VR headset or on the integrated and removable 3D viewer. Its compact and robust format allows it to be carried with you on all your adventures!

      449,00 €
      IN STOCK
    • 999,90 € IN STOCK

      The Insta360 ONE RS 1-inch camera is a camera for professionals co-designed with Leica. Made of interchangeable elements, it achieves superb 360° captures thanks to its two 1-inch sensors. Take 21MP photos and 6k videos for your Virtual Reality projects.

      999,90 €
      IN STOCK
    • 569,00 € IN STOCK

      The Insta 360 One RS–Twin Edition is a camera with two interchangeable lenses. It is specially developed for outdoor use when creating content such as 360° videos. Pairing this camera with the Insta 360 app will provide plenty of video editing options for professional rendering.

      569,00 €
      IN STOCK
    • 6 699,00 € In Stock

      The VR360 team presents the Premium pack to bring all your professional projects to life. The integration of an Insta360 pro 2 + Farsight camera is ideal for creating VR and 3D contents. Many accessories enrich this pack. There are, for example, a suction cup and a Manfrotto clamp, a Sumo Stand tripod, offering a multitude of new possibilities for your...

      6 699,00 €
      In Stock
    • 6 299,00 € In Stock

      This pack contains all the necessary elements for the creation of immersive contents. The insta360 pro2 + farsight camera promotes 3D shooting and 360° videos. It has been ideally designed to offer you a better mobility thanks to the sumo stand tripod made of carbon fiber combining lightness and stability allowing you to capture every moment.

      6 299,00 €
      In Stock
    • 41 998,80 € WINTHIN 10 DAYS

      The Kandao Obsidian Pro camera is a high performance camera dedicated to Virtual Reality professionals. Equipped with 8 APS-C sensors, it films 360 ° content in ultra-high definition and 12K.

      41 998,80 €
    • 899,00 € WITHIN 5 DAYS

      The Kandao Meeting Pro camera films your videoconferences in 360 ° and in 4k. It has an omnidirectional audio system and an intelligent face tracking algorithm. Choose from several display modes and use it with the software of your choice: Slack, Zoom, Skype, WeChat, etc ... Enjoy complete capture of your videoconferences!

      899,00 €
    • 489,00 € IN STOCK

      With the Insta360 one x 2, take 360 ​​° photos and videos in 5.7K! Find the equivalent of a film crew in a complete and powerful pocket camera. Take it everywhere with you, even underwater up to 10 meters deep.

      489,00 €
      IN STOCK
    • 1 999,00 € WITHIN 5 DAYS

      The Qoocam enterprise is a version of the Qoocam dedicated to professionals. Longer and heavier, it has the same features as the standard model but adds a live streaming function in 8K at 30 Fps! Its two 1 / 1.7 "20MP sensors capture detailed, quality images. Take 360​​° panoramic shots in very high resolution (7680 x 3840)!

      1 999,00 €
    • 479,00 € IN STOCK

      The Insta360 One R camera is a 360 ° camera up to 5.7K with interchangeable modules. The 360 ​​Edition includes the 360 ​​module, the main module with touchscreen, a battery cradle, a mounting frame and lens protection.

      479,00 €
      IN STOCK
    • 509,00 € IN STOCK

      The twin edition of the INSTA360 One R camera includes 3 interchangeable modules. The main touchscreen module can be assembled either with the 4K wide angle module, or with the dual lens 360 module. Modulate the camera as you wish to make different types of captures.

      509,00 €
      IN STOCK
    • 5 599,90 € IN STOCK

      This pack includes an Insta360 pro 2 camera and its farsight, an additional battery and a double charger. This equipment is ideal for extending your capture sessions!

      5 599,90 €
      IN STOCK
    • 5 548,00 € IN STOCK

      This pack includes the insta360 pro 2 camera and an additional battery in addition to the original one to double the duration of use. With a resolution of 12K in photos and 8K in video, the insta360 pro 2 camera will delight all Virtual Reality professionals !  

      5 548,00 €
      IN STOCK
    • 2 499,00 € IN STOCK

      Capable of filming in 6K, the camera Z-CAM S1 is distinguished by an ingenious design in two parts and unique performances (spherical video, video feedback, 4 x fish-eyes lenses of 190 °). Designed for professionals, it is an ergonomic camera designed to capture immersive content in very high quality.

      2 499,00 €
      IN STOCK
    • 16 999,00 € PRE-ORDER

      The insta360 Pro Titan is the 360 ​​° camera dedicated to professionals of virtual reality VR film. The Titan has 8 lenses 200 ° F3.2 "fisheye lenses" for photos and videos in 11K quality in 2D and 3D. In line with the pro versions of insta360, La Titan integrates the integrated "FlowState" stabilization and its remote control system "FarSight Live...

      16 999,00 €
    • 5 499,00 € IN STOCK

      Even more powerful, the Insta 360 Pro 2 will seduce all 360 ° video professionals. An even better resolution with 12K photo and 8K video! Benefit from a brand new long-range remote control system "Farsight", an internal stabilizer and an integrated GPS.

      5 499,00 €
      IN STOCK
    • 7 188,00 € IN STOCK

      The Kandao Obsidian S 360° camera is distinguished by its capacity to film at very fast rate, 120 frames per second. A professional tool ideal for the creation of 360° content and very performant for capturing slow motion footage.

      7 188,00 €
      IN STOCK
    • 7 188,00 € BY ORDERING

      The Kandao Obsidian R is a professional 360 ° camera capable of filming immersive 360 ​° content in Ultra High Definition and 3D. The camera uses 6 fish-eye lenses that film simultaneously for immersive content capable of shooting in 8K at 30 frames per second and in 4K at 60 frames per second.

      7 188,00 €
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