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List of products by manufacturer Hyperkin

Find all the accessories of the Californian brand Hyperkin, particularlty accessories for Virtual Reality helmets and particularly protections of all types.

Hyperkin accessories come in handy for VR helmets. It can be covers, shells, storage cases or even protective films for lenses. These accessories are mainly dedicated to the protection and hygiene of Virtual Reality equipment.

  • 12,99 € IN STOCK

    Adapt the angle of your tracking cameras and sensors to your environment with this clamp fixation by Hyperlink.

    12,99 €
  • 19,99 € IN STOCK

    Keep a good grasp on your controllers thanks to these Hyperkin straps for Virtual Reality for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Playstation VR.

    19,99 €
  • 12,90 € Out of stock

    Protect your Vive Tracker from all possible dangers with this protection by Hyperkin. Its Silicone finish will protect your Vive tracker from impacts and scratches. The cut outs are strategically placed not to obstruct the trackers.  

    12,90 €
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    Out of stock
  • 19,99 € Product available with different options

    The silicone protector for HTC Vive was created to maintain your Headset making it more resistant. Protect your equipment and personalise it with the many available colors.

    19,99 €
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    Product available with different options
  • 24,99 € IN STOCK

    Improve your grip and personalise your htc vive controllers thanks to this protective cover by Hyperkin.

    24,99 €
  • 29,90 € Out of stock

    Ensure optimal hygiene for users of your Virtual Reality headset.This pack of disposable protections is ideal for repeated use of your VR helmet. Pack of 50 VR Hyperkin disposable protections  

    29,90 €
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    Out of stock
  • 14,99 € IN STOCK

    Protect the lenses on your HTC Vive thanks to this protection kit. The quality of the lenses on your HTC Vive Headset have a direct impact on your quality of immersion. The cleanliness of your lenses have are essential for an optimal experience.

    14,99 €
  • 29,99 € Out of stock

    Improve the comfort of your HTC Vive headset thanks to these foams by Hyperkin. These replacement foams are perfect for your HTC Vive and are compatible with spectacle wearers.

    29,99 €
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    Out of stock
  • 89,99 € ON REQUEST

    This Hyperkin bag will protect all of your Virtual reality equipment. Particularly useful for the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, it comes equipped with multiple compartments to store your VR equipment.

    89,99 €
  • 12,99 € IN STOCK

    Protect your Virtual Reality helmet from dirtiness and guarantee optimal hygiene.

    12,99 €
  • 89,99 € PRE-ORDER

    The Hyperkin storage case has been designed for the transport and security of the Oculus Quest. Equipped with modular storage spaces, it allows the storage of your helmet, its controllers and its accessories (batteries, insert, cables etc.). Made on a nylon base, it is sturdy enough to protect your equipment from impact.

    89,99 €
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