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List of products by manufacturer Manfrotto

VR360 offers you accessories from the Manfrotto brand specially designed for Virtual Reality.

Manfrotto manufactures and resells audiovisual accessories. Discover Manfrotto accessories for Virtual Reality in stores such as tripods and tripod bases for 360 ° cameras.

  • 589,90 € WITHIN 5 DAYS

    The Virtual Reality panoramic head is supplied with several sliding plates which allow for example to position the camera on the panoramic rotation axis or on the tilt axis. This offers a very good compromise for the realization of professional 360 ° images and allows to limit the manipulations in post-production.

    589,90 €
  • 134,99 € DELAY : 5 DAYS

    Cette ventouse dédiée à la vidéo 360° vous permettra de fixer votre caméra 360° sur n’importe quelle surface plane non poreuse.

    134,99 €
    DELAY : 5 DAYS
  • 350,99 € DELAY : 5 DAYS

    This tripod base is the perfect accessory for filming 360° footage. It includes many adjustable components for a professional result

    350,99 €
    DELAY : 5 DAYS
  • 89,99 € WITHIN 5 DAYS

    This aluminum selfie stick in 4 sections is suitable for Virtual Reality. Unfold it up to 135cm and take great 360 ° shots.

    89,99 €
  • 29,90 € WITHIN 5 DAYS

    The Pixi model is a table tripod from Manfrotto. Functional and extremely light, it will give to amateur and professional photographers a greater freedom during shootings.

    29,90 €
  • 120,99 € WITHIN 5 DAYS

    The Pixi Evo kit includes a mini tripod with extendable legs and a 4-section pole. It’s the perfect accessory for shooting with a small 360 ° camera.

    120,99 €
  • 35,95 € DELAY : 5 DAYS

    La pince "super Clamp" se fixe à de nombreux types de supports (tubulaire, carrés, plats etc.) Diamètres acceptés entre 13mm et 55mm. Verrouillage simplifié.

    35,95 €
    DELAY : 5 DAYS
  • 242,99 € DELAY : 5 DAYS

    Cette perche en carbone est entièrement dédiée à la capture de contenus 360°. Fixez solidement votre caméra 360° à une hauteur pouvant varier de 31,5 cm à 80 cm.

    242,99 €
    DELAY : 5 DAYS
  • 93,99 € WITHIN 5 DAYS

    This kit dedicated to Virtual Reality includes a mini tripod and a 2-section extension pole, both made of aluminum. Compact, the kit can be stored and transported easily. Perfect for a 360 ° camera below 2kg.

    93,99 €
  • 296,99 € DELAY : 5 DAYS

    This carbon perch was designed to answer every need of a professional using a 360° camera. The ideal tool to set up your 360° camera to the desired height (from 62,5 cm to 200 cm).

    296,99 €
    DELAY : 5 DAYS
  • 199,90 € WITHIN 5 DAYS

     This tripod from Manfrotto brand is specially designed to support a 360° camera. Thanks to 4 telescopic sections, it can reach the height of 2.12m.  In order to bring you more freedom during your travels, the set is fully foldable.

    199,90 €
  • 606,99 € DELAY : 5 DAYS

    Thanks to this Virtual Reality carbon perch, you will be able to vary the height of your 360 ° camera from 103 to 470 cm.

    606,99 €
    DELAY : 5 DAYS
  • 215,90 € WITHIN 5 DAYS

    The Manfrotto adjustable Dolly is equipped with wheels and its legs are adjustable. It allows more freedom of movement by moving smoothly and easily from one point of view to another. This is particularly effective in Virtual Reality for taking quality 360 ° shots. Provided without tripod and stick.

    215,90 €
  • 337,99 € WINTHIN 3 DAYS

    This Manfrotto aluminium tripod is sturdy and modular, making it the ideal accessory for all types of captures. It unfolds in 4 sections, which are locked by M-lock rings, and can reach a maximum height of 151cm. Take stable and perfectly framed 360° captures for your Virtual Reality projects.

    337,99 €
  • 119,00 € DELAY : 5 DAYS

    This tripod base for 360 ° cameras is ultra light and very easy to transport. You will only have to choose an extension/perche adapted to fix your camera.

    119,00 €
    DELAY : 5 DAYS
  • 129,99 € UNDER 5 DAYS

    The Manfrotto aluminum extension pole can be folded out in 4 sections and extend from 61cm to 2 meters. This is ideal for taking high shots with a 360 camera. It is compatible with the aluminum tripod of the same brand.

    129,99 €
  • 999,90 € DELAY : 5 DAYS

    This carbon tripod has 3 sections to allow you to shoot 360° videos. With a maximum height of 160 cm, this tripod offers an ideal view angle for the creation of immersive content.

    999,90 €
    DELAY : 5 DAYS
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