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List of products by manufacturer Leap Motion

Leap Motion is an American company known for having developed a module for detecting hand movement with the same name.

Leap Motion is known for having manufactured a Virtual Reality device that can detect the movements of the hands and fingers. Among other things, it allows you to interact with digital content and Virtual Reality applications.

  • 59,90 € IN STOCK

    With the Leap Motion mount, simply attach the Leap Motion module (not supplied here) to a Virtual Reality headset connected by computer such as those from the HTC Vive range and Oculus Rift.

    59,90 €
  • 35,88 € IN STOCK

    This accessory enables you to attach your Leap Motion Controller 2 to several types of VR/XR headsets (HTC, Varjo...).The holder can be tilted by 15 degrees, making it easy to capture hand movements, without the controllers! The leap Motion Controller 2 is not included.

    35,88 €
  • 238,80 € IN STOCK

    The Leap Motion Controller 2 is an advanced motion controller that lets you control applications and games with your hands. It offers precision and fluidity of movement, as well as compatibility with a variety of devices.

    238,80 €
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