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Meta Quest 3


Discover the Meta Quest 3, the latest-generation mixed reality headset that blends the real and the virtual. Suitable for professional use, this headset enables immersive training and learning.

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  • Meta Quest 3

    The Meta Quest 3 is an autonomous virtual reality headset offering an immersive, feature-rich experience. It’s ideal for professionals who want to enhance their productivity, training or communication.

    The successor from Meta

    Meta Quest 3 vs Meta Quest 2

    Experience a new level of immersion with Meta Quest 3, Meta’s most powerful new headset.

    A graphics processor twice as powerful as the old model, thanks to the new snapdragon chip developed by Qualcomm Technologies.

    Graphics have been improved by 30% compared with Quest 2, offering a magnificent and explosive rendering of over 500 travel, gaming and entertainment titles.

    The Meta Quest 3 is a stand-alone mixed reality headset offering a powerful, immersive experience. It features higher screen resolution, a wider field of vision and improved audio than its predecessor, the Meta Quest 2, and is lighter and more comfortable to wear.

    What they have in common
    -Both headsets offer an immersive, feature-rich virtual reality experience.
    -They are compatible with a library of games, applications and videos.
    -Both are equipped with 6DoF positional tracking, allowing total freedom of movement.

    -The Meta Quest 3 has a more powerful processor, enabling it to display more realistic graphics and play more resource-hungry games.
    -It has a wider field of vision, offering more total immersion.
    -The headset is thinner and lighter, making it more comfortable to wear.
    -The Meta Quest 3 has a longer battery life.

    Meta Quest 3

    Meta Quest 3 mixed reality

    Mix the real and the virtual with mixed reality, play a virtual board game on your carpet or turn your kitchen into a concert hall.

    The new front-panel depth sensor implemented in the Meta Quest 3 enables automatic space learning, allowing you to interact simultaneously with virtual content and the real world, opening up a host of new possibilities.

    Next-generation standalone headsetMeta Quest 3

    Withthe Meta Quest 3, you no longer need a powerful computer or smartphoneto enjoy virtual reality. It incorporates a stand-alone system that lets you enjoy immersive experiences anywhere, without clutter.

    Thanks to its high-resolution screen, the Meta Quest 3 offers stunning graphics and crisp detail, immersing you in a highly realistic virtual world. Vivid colors and a high refresh rate guarantee a smooth,captivating visual experience.

    Meta Quest 3Meta Quest 3 Total freedom of movement

    Enjoya mixed reality experience without limits thanks to 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF) positioning tracking. Whether you’re moving around your office or exploring larger virtual worlds, the Meta Quest 3 tracks your movements precisely, giving you total freedom of movement. The Meta Quest 3 is also designed for optimum comfort, even during extended virtual reality sessions. Its ergonomic, lightweight design reduces fatigue, while the intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate and use.

    Meta Quest 3: total immersion

    New screen

    The Meta Quest 3’s 4K screen offers exceptional image quality. The resolution of 2064 x 2208 pixels per eye allows you to enjoy total immersion.

    5 motion sensors

    The Meta Quest 3 is equipped with 5 sensors for a smooth, precise virtual realityexperience. 3 sensors on the front of the headset enable motion tracking and navigation in 3D space. A further 2 sensors on the back of the headset enable obstacle detection and optimal safety.

    An extensive catalog

    The Meta Quest 3 offers a comprehensive catalog of virtual reality applications and games. Over 500 applications are available, including games, immersive experiences and educational applications. PC-VR mode provides access to thousands of additional titles, including on SteamVR.

    New Touch Plus controllers

    Touch Plus controllers offer a more immersive virtual reality experience. Their TruTouch haptic features deliver realistic tactile sensations.

    Mixed reality in the spotlight

    The Meta Quest 3 is designed to encourage the adoption of mixed reality. The Passthrough function lets you see the real world through the headset. The Roomscale function lets you play with several people in a room, while keeping the environment real.

    The power of Meta Quest 3

    8 GB of RAM lets you open several applications at once, or run resource-hungry applications.


    Le Meta Quest 3 is available with a 128 Go storage capacity. A 521Go version is also available.

  • Field of view 97°
    Resolution 2064 x 2208 pixels
    Connections USB-C
    Size 35mm x 24mm x 3.85mm
    Lenses Pancake (Polarized)
    Color White
    Memory 8 Go RAM
    Wifi Wi-Fi 6E
    Display frequency 120 Hz
    Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2
    Storage 128 Go or 512 Go
    Sorties vidéo LCD

Customer reviews

Reviews about this product

Based on 4 reviews

  • 5

    So far a very enjoyable experience, but I'd suggest buying a headstrap that has a battery power supply that goes with the headset. Least for those that don't enjoy taking breaks. :)

  • 5

    c'est ma première expérience avec un casque VR je le trouve impressionnant je le recommande, ses deux seul défaut pour moi c'est la caméra un peu moyen et son autonomie.

  • 5

    Très bon produit

  • 5

    passe du Quest 2 au Quest 3, évolution sensible, performances améliorées en tous points.

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