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New : VR covers land at VR360

New : VR covers land at VR360

VR Cover : a known brand in VR accessories

Undisputed leader in accessories and replacements for the main Virtual Reality headsets on the market, VR Cover has dedicated itself to offering equipment to regular and intensive Virtual Reality users.

Quality foams, cushions and covers for your Virtual Reality Headset

After many uses, the original foams can start accumulating dirtiness and sweat overtime and start to wear.

To answer this problem, VR Cover proposes replacement foams and covers for the main VR headsets on the market : HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR.

Hygiene and comfort

Once you get your hands on it you will feel the difference, comfort is the number one objective for VR Cover !

Different types of covers depending on your needs :

Cotton, velour or synthetic leather, these materials are particularly hygienic :

- the cotton and velour, simply wash them on cold (up to 30 degrees - not to be dried in the machine)

- The synthetic leather that needs a synthetic wipe over the surface or a dedicated cleaning spray (the foam will be in contact with your face we therefore recommend the use of non alcoholic cleaning products)

VR Cover didn’t skimp for comfort choosing high quality cotton and velour to make wearing them as comfortable as possible.

Different thicknesses you can choose from :

The brand proposes different thicknesses that can vary from 6 to 18mm.

- the thinnest level of thickness (6mm) reduces the distance between your eyes and the lenses in your headset, which increases your field of view for optimal immersion.

- The thicker levels (14mm +) guarantee optimal comfort.


VR Cover made the choice of creating unique covers for each headset model. The different foams and covers VR cover proposes : VR Cover HTC Vive, VR Cover Oculus Rift, VR Cover Samsung Gear VR.

Each version was specifically designed to adapt to adapt to the characteristics of each headset : thickness, height, fixation points.

The foams and covers by VR Cover are your greatest partner for optimising hygiene during your virtual reality sessions. It’s the ideal VR accessory to personalise your headset, we guarantee perfect comfort and optimal hygiene.

Discover our selection of foams and covers by VR Cover, where we detail the characteristics for each accessory to give you the best choice.

You can also find all our VR accessories to maintain and improve your Virtual Reality equipment.