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VR Headsets Pico Neo 3 Pro & Pro eye

VR Headsets Pico Neo 3 Pro & Pro eye

This is one of the major releases of Pico in 2021, Pico Neo 2 pro & pro eye headsets have entered the Virtual Reality market. Promising autonomous VR headsets, whose characteristics are enough to seduce professionals of all stripes. They bring together powerful components, combined with a more compact design than on previous models and new features. The VR360 team is pleased to present these two top-of-the-range helmets from Pico.

Helmets tailored for professionals

The Pico Neo 3 pro & pro eye headsets have components powerful enough for a rich experience in Virtual Reality

. This is largely due to the Qualcomm XR2 processor which runs on 6GB of RAM. The pico Neo 3 pro (and pro eye) includes an LCD screen that broadcasts a super crisp 4K image, enough to showcase any type of Virtual Reality content. This 3664 x 1920 pixel resolution is a real immersive asset for the user. Add to this a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz, which guarantees a relatively smooth image, especially when broadcasting very animated content. These technical qualities make this headset a formidable Virtual Reality device, whether for training, evaluations or simulations. It includes a dedicated port for its USB to HDMI adapter, which allows its content to be broadcast on screen for those who wish it. This cross-platform versatility is also driven by the possibility of Bluetooth, Wifi connection (6) and NVIDIA mode.

The Pico Neo 3 Pro eye and its eye tracking

In addition to the processor power and the default 4k resolution of the Pico Neo 3 pro, the Neo 3 pro eye incorporates a unique eye-tracking feature. This is a real asset for professionals who want to learn more about the behavior of their clients and / or employees. This data collection has the advantage of helping the professional to correct, adjust or improve the Virtual Reality content broadcast on the Pico Neo 3 pro eye. This feedback has the effect of improving the relevance of the content offered and the overall use of the VR headset. In short, the eye tracking function incorporated in the eye version of the pico Neo 3 pro avoids unnecessary waste of time, improves quality and productivity. Because of this weighty advantage, the Pico Neo 3 pro eye costs a few hundred euros more than the standard model.

Autonomous and all-in-one headsets

Unlike helmets which have outside-in tracking, that is movement tracking performed by external sensors, the Pico Neo 3 Pro (and pro eye) has inside-out tracking. In other words, the Pico Neo 3 pro is a self-sufficient helmet that integrates its own tracking system. And as proof, the helmet incorporates 4 wide-angle cameras that perform a millimeter tracking of each movement. This precise positioning is supported by two controllers, each equipped with 32 optical tracking sensors. Equipped with buttons, triggers and a joystick, the controllers of the pico Neo 3 pro are light and easy to handle. Their handling allows the helmet to follow the movements of your arms to the millimeter. In addition to this autonomy relating to tracking, there is autonomy in the connections since the Pico Neo 3 pro does not require a computer to operate in VR.

Optimal ergonomics for VR sessions

The Pico Neo 3 Pro et Neo 3 pro eye has been designed to adapt to all types of users and to minimize the discomfort that can be experienced after long sessions in Virtual Reality. Starting with a design that has been lightened and made more compact compared to previous models. This purification promotes a much better handling of the helmet before, during and after its use. The helmet's rear block, located at the back of the user's head, creates a counterweight effect that greatly affects ergonomics and the weight felt on the head. This overall comfort is also ensured by robust straps, which allow the helmet to be securely held on the head. But once equipped with the helmet in complete comfort, it is still necessary to be able to fully enjoy the visual spectacle. The interpupillary distance adjustment incorporated into the Pico Neo 3 pro allows it to adapt to individual anatomy and considerably reduce the risk of eye fatigue. Finally, the Neo 3 pro is designed with hygienic materials that are very easy to clean, which can be particularly useful in the case of repeated use or multiple users.

Team's opinion

Whether through the power of their components (processor, lcd screen, sensors, etc.), their compact design or even their autonomy, the Pico Neo 3 pro and Pico Neo 3 pro eye offer an ideal configuration for high-level Virtual Reality. They will satisfy both professionals and individuals looking for a complete device, both for a contemplative and interactive experience in VR. Our team particularly appreciated the very good 4k resolution of the headset and the eye-tracking function incorporated into the Neo 3 pro eye. Find the latest Pico helmets in store and do not hesitate to contact our teams for any additional requests.

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