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A custom immersive product creation service

A custom immersive product creation service

VR360 providing tailor-made immersive solutions to meet your needs.

Many companies are moving towards the VR solution for the implementation of a professional project or as part of a training. They need the advice of an expert to have an answer for all their expectations in order to take the first step.

For this, the VR360 team, through its experience, will be able to support you throughout the project implementation process in order to provide you with appropriate solutions.

Through this article, we will show you an overview of the services that we make available to our customers, such as the development of a tailor-made immersive surface, suitable storage and transport solutions. This can also be manifested by the design of new products that will respond to the various issues set out in the specifications.

Some examples of custom products developed by our team:

The design of a personalized immersive setting

Because each professional has specific needs, the VR360 team brings you its advice and expertise for the development of your project as well as for the design of a custom immersive surface.

For this, many points must be taken into account, such as the selection of the material which will have an impact on the surface to be defined.

Other elements will be taken into consideration such as the animation and the degree of interaction desired by the client during the immersive experience.


Appropriate VR storage and transport tools

Once the VR equipment has been selected, it is essential to consider its transport and preservation. Indeed, VR headsets can be damaged over time if they are not placed in an appropriate receptacle such as a storage case provided for this purpose.

Concerned about this, our team offers you transport and storage solutions adapted through different kind of briefcases and flightcases. A protective foam inside will prevent shocks and scratches during the transport and storage phases of your virtual reality equipment.


Custom designed products to bring your Virtual Reality projects to life

Expertise and solutions adapted to each client

Our team remains attentive to companies in order to provide complete solutions for the realization of your projects. This manifests itself through different stages such as:

Phase 1: Making contact and expressing the need

The contact between the client and our team serves to understand better the different expectations in order to propose adapted solutions. This phase is essential because it’s a way to know if the project requires in parallel the intervention of additional actors for the development of a tailor-made product. 

Phase 2: Meeting between the client and the main actors for the realization of the project

This second step brings together the various actors such as developers and graphic designers who will offer in-depth expertise as to the design and feasibility of the project, which will allow the production of an estimate.

Phase 3: From design to completion

When the project is accepted, the different teams work on the development of a model or a prototype that meets the various requirements of the specifications.

After the client's validation, the project will be carried out and delivered.

Phase 4: Support and technical assistance

Once the equipment has been delivered, our team remains available to customers if they need remote technical assistance or advice on use.

A word from the team:

The VR360 team is available to companies to provide tailor-made services according to customer expectations. This is found during the different stages of development of a VR project, whether it is the choice or the tailor-made design of the equipment, the development of an immersive space as well as transport and storage solutions for accessories.

In order to let us know your desires for the development of a professional project, do not hesitate to contact our team by e-mail or by phone at +33 (0)4 42 90 70 70.