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Manus prime 2 haptic - pair of gloves View larger

Manus prime 2 haptic - pair of gloves


The Manus prime 2 haptic pair of gloves benefit from haptic feedback technology that allows precise tactile feedback during Virtual Reality interactions.

The movements made with the fingers are faithfully transmitted and the vibration feedback is adjustable.

Their batteries are interchangeable, they are washable and compatible with other VR accessories such as trackers.

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  • The haptic gloves of the Manus prime 2 series

    The prime 2 haptic gloves take the interactive experience even further in Virtual Reality thanks to precise movement tracking and the most realistic sensory feedback.

    They has been designed to facilitate use as much as possible, whether for hygiene, autonomy or personalization.

    Interact with virtual objects and perform complete actions like closing a door, pulling a handle, maneuvering a steering wheel or pulling a trigger.

    This is the ideal equipment to bring more quality to your training, assessments or simulations in Virtual Reality.

    A mounting system on each glove makes it easy to add additional accessories.

    Compatible with Oculus quest (+ link cable), Oculus rift s and Steam VR headsets.

    Personalize your experience

    An LRA haptic module is assigned to each finger and manages unique signals based on different interactions with the virtual environment.

    The control panel is easy to use and allows you to calibrate the vibration feedback of the gloves according to the desired use.

    This involves, among other things, a hardware editor and a device that allows vibrations to be adjusted according to frequency, signal strength and resonance.

    Quality finger tracking

    In three simple steps, the Manus prime 2 haptic adapts to the user's hands.

    This calibration takes only 45 seconds and can support a multi-user calibration.

    The gloves incorporate industrial-grade flex sensors that track each finger of the hand with fidelity and low latency.

    The movement capture is very precise thanks to a measurement which is carried out with 11 degrees of freedom and 2 joints per finger.

    Virtual Reality interaction is taken to a climax!

    (Demonstrations carried out with the standard model of the Manus prime 2)

    Save time and autonomy

    Each glove includes an interchangeable battery on its location.

    The batteries are powerful and allow an autonomy of 5 hours of use during a continuous session.

    They are rechargeable separately or during use as needed.

    The system has also been designed so that the gloves are instantly recalibrated after a battery has been changed.

    Save time and limit downtime during sessions!

    (Demonstrations carried out with the standard model of the Manus prime 2)

    Maintenance of hygiene

    Gloves include a system to help clean the gloves from session to session.

    This solution aims to prevent and remove dirt such as sweat and dust, which can build up after long sessions.

    To ensure hygiene, simply separate the textile part and the sensors.

    It is possible to bring additional textiles for a faster change.


    1x pair of manus prime 2 haptic gloves
    2x mounting bracket
    2x rechargeable batteries
    2x USB-C charging cables
    1x Charger
    1x usb dongle

  • Compatibility Oculus Quest & Oculus Rift S
    Size M/L
    Weight 60g