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Manus Polygon


The Manus polygon license (1 year - 3 years - perpetual) allows you to view and record movements through a virtual avatar.

The software allows full body tracking in real time.

It is a reliable solution for virtual reality projects such as meetings, experiments, training, simulations or team collaboration.

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  • License Manus Polygon

    How it works

    The Polygon license lasts for one year, three years or perpetual and includes MANUS technical support with the latest versions and updates.

    The software tracks the movements of the whole body in order to reproduce them in the form of a virtual skeleton.

    In order for you to benefit from the Polygon license, you will need:

    • 5 trackers and straps
    • The hand dongle to activate the software
    •  Prime 2 haptic gloves (optional)

    Halfway between the real and the virtual

    Thanks to Polygon, the natural movements of the body are reproduced with fluidity by the effect of reverse kinematics.

    The system generates a skeleton whose proportions and mobility correspond to those of the person equipped by the sensors.

    Each nuance of movement is taken into account and monitoring is carried out from 6 data points.

    No need for a complex system or capture combination, Polygon offers a simple, reliable and portable solution for use anywhere.

    Support developed for VR

    Polygon is a great tool for any project that requires recording and reproducing a body's mobility.

    It adds a more human and realistic touch to the virtual.

    With manus connect, it's even possible to perform multi-user collaboration, ideal for projects that require team collaboration.

    For real-time touch sensations and even more intuitive interactions, combine Polygon with the manus prime 2 haptic gloves.

    Fast and efficient self-calibration

    The system is calibrated in 7 steps of 45 seconds, for independent operation.

    Configuration is done quickly by assigning data points to the trackers.

    The calibration is precise and results in a faithfully modeled avatar in just a few seconds.

    Note that thanks to the manus plugin, integration is possible in unity.

    Manus Polygon can work with Oculus rift s, Oculus quest (with Oculus link cable) and steam VR headsets.


    1x Manus polygon ( to choose from 1 year, 3 years or perpetual).

  • minimum system requirements Computer : Windows 10 / Core i5-7500 / Ryzen 51600 / 8gb ram / GTX 1060 / RX 580 _ 6gb vram