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Insta360 ONE X2


With the Insta360 one x 2, take 360 ​​° photos and videos in 5.7K!

Find the equivalent of a film crew in a complete and powerful pocket camera.

Take it everywhere with you, even underwater up to 10 meters deep.

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  • Insta360 One X2 

    The insta360 one x 2 camera has a compact design, which makes it a pocket camera that you can take with you anywhere.

    With IPX-8 standards, it is even possible to take it underwater up to 10 meters deep.

    Control it easily with its ultra-bright circular screen and intuitive interface.

    It is compatible with apple watch and airpods.

    Sensational 360° shots

    The one x 2 takes photos and videos in hdr, for a clearer rendering and good dynamic range. Take high-quality 360 ° and 5.7K shots.

    One of the biggest strengths of this camera is the wide choice of uses it offers.

    You can harness all the power from a single lens thanks to the steady cam mode, which allows you to shoot at a wide angle.

    But the two 5.7K lenses can also be used simultaneously thanks to the 360 ​​cam mode.

    The insta360 one x 2 is also equipped with a tracking system with a sophisticated algorithm. Just touch what interests us on the screen, and the camera tracks precisely a person, animal or object.

    Everything works thanks to a 1630 mAh battery, 55% more powerful than the one x (1050 mAh).

    The sound is localized and amplified with precision thanks to 4 microphones.

    Professional quality editing

    On the Insta360 application, you can edit your different captures and then share them directly on social networks.

    Insta360 studio makes it easy to edit 360 content on your computer, plus it's free.

    On Shot Lab, get invaluable editing assistance and cinematic rendering.

    Enjoy quality comparable to that which could be achieved through the effort of a film crew and editor.

    For example, by using the selfie stick (sold separately), you can take the camera into tight places and get a continuous clip while editing, with almost imperceptible transitions.

    Create content without limits

    No matter where the activity is, the camera is versatile enough to meet the most demanding creative needs.

    The camera includes several modes and settings that have been designed for optimal adaptability:

    • Bullet time 3.0 slows down the video at the precise moment that interests you
    • Flowstate stabilization relies on a powerful algorithm for the sharpest image.
    • Become frozen in time by simply changing the speed settings.
    • The ghost town mode allows you to make 360 ​​° timelapse while erasing excess people.
    • Pure Shot mode improves dynamic range in low light and reduces noise for a sublime rendering.
    • The aquavision mode is perfect for giving more color to the captures without using filters.
    • Live 360 ​​mode allows, as its name suggests, to film live to an audience.

    From everywhere and in all situations

    The camera has been designed to adapt to the needs of all types of projects, and it can count on several other useful features.

    Vloggers can switch to multicamera mode in order to film the scenery at the same time as they are filming themselves. 

    The invisible selfie stick (sold separately), gives you an effect similar to that obtained by captures from a drone. Indeed, the one x 2 can make the pole disappear from the rendering and give the impression that the camera is floating above you.

    With the horizon lock, you can choose the level of stabilization so that even when the camera is moving or rotating, the selected horizon line remains perfectly stable


    1x insta360 one x

  • Picture resolution 360° : 6080x3040 (2:1) Panorama : 4320×1440 (3:1)
    video resolution 360° : 3K (100fps) - 4K (30fp,50fps) - 5.7K (24fps,25fps,30fps) / steady cam mod : 1920x1080(50fps,30fps), 1920x1440(50fps,30fps), 2560x1440(50fps,30fps)
    Connections type C
    minimum system requirements iOS: iPhone SE, A11, iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, iPhone XS/XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus Android: Kirin 980 (Huawei Mate 20, P30 ) Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (Xiaomi Mi 8,Galaxy S9) Exynos 9810 ( Note9 , S9, S9+, or mode)
    Live streaming yes
    Rechargeable battery 1630 mAh (80m autonomy with 5,7K - 30fps)
    Dimensions 4.62 x 11.30 x 2.98 cm

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