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New Pack Luxe VR 360 - Insta360 Pro 2 8K + FarSight View larger

Premium pack- Insta360 Pro 2 8K + FarSight + Accessories


The VR360 team presents the Premium pack to bring all your professional projects to life. The integration of an Insta360 pro 2 + Farsight camera is ideal for creating VR and 3D contents. Many accessories enrich this pack. There are, for example, a suction cup and a Manfrotto clamp, a Sumo Stand tripod, offering a multitude of new possibilities for your shootings.

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  • Premium Pack - Insta360 Pro 2 8K + FarSight + Accessories

    This pack contains:

    - 1 camera Insta360 pro2 8K + Farsight, a standart for creating immersive contents outdoor. The presence of 6 lenses F2.4 fisheye and HDMR mode offer a better color rendering when capturing 360° videos in 8k or 3D photos in 12k. The Farsight allows you to have an image feedback to control the camera on your mobile phone in a maximum perimeter of 300m.

    - 1 double charger for Insta 360 pro and pro2 allows you to charge 2 batteries simultaneously and extending the duration of use of your camera during your travels.

    - 1 battery for Insta360 pro and pro 2 will give you up to 65min of additional autonomy.

    - 1 Sumo Stand tripod for 360VR-Insta360 cameras, is ideally designed to support cameras not exceeding 5.5kg. The use of materials such as carbon gives it strength and lightness. The legs are foldable and adopt three differents angles. The central element who is telescopic can deploy up to 2.99m or serve as a selfie stick.

    - 1 Virtual Reality suction cup with spigot Manfrotto attaches to all flat and non-porous surfaces. An ingenious push button eliminate the air to gives a better grip. The presence of a spigot with a double screw thread ¼” and 3/8” makes it possible to adapt to various accessories such as a camera or a base as HTC 2.0 not exceeding 2kg. A rotating system offers a wide choice of shooting angles.

    - 1 Manfrotto super clamp, ideal for professionals looking for an easy-to-use and durable accessory. Made of aluminum and weighing only 430g, it can support various elements not exceeding 15kg such as a camera or a light. Easily transportable, it can slip easily into all bags.

    - 1 tripod adapter Manfrotto ¼’’ to 3/8’’. Very solid thanks to the use of aluminium, this adapter allows you to go from a 3/8'' screw to a ¼'' screw in order to attach different kind of accessories to Manfrotto tripod.

    - 7 Sandisk 256GB extreme pro microsdxc™ uhs-I cards are included in this pack to give you greater freedom when capturing your contents in UHD 4K and Full HD with a VR camera or a drone. This model saves considerable time to file transfer like 1000 photos or 30min of video in less than 3min. Very resistant, they withstand water and temperature variations.

    The main points :

    • A Farsight remote control system
    • An integrated GPS
    • A gain of autonomy thanks to an additional battery
    • A wide choice of capture media

  • Compatibility Insta360 Pro 2
    Picture resolution Maximum: 12 000x12 000 (12K) (real-time assembly)
    video resolution Maximum : 3840x1920@30fps (4K 2D) (real-time assembly /live-streaming) - Maximum : 7680x3840@60fps (8K 2D) (post-production assembly)
    3D picture resolution Maximum : 7680x7680 (8K) (real-time assembly or post-production assembly)
    Video 3D resolution Maximum : 3840x3840@30fps (4K 3D) (real-time assembly /live-streaming) - Maximum : 7680x7680@30fps (8K 3D) ( post-production assembly)
    Rate Maximum : 120 frames/second fps
    Size 143 millimeters in diameter
    Weight 1550 grams
    Lenses 6 x F2.4 fisheye lenses
    Live streaming yes
    Wifi yes
    Alimentation Removable battery of 5000mAh (75 minutes of autonomy) - adapter/charger : 12V 5A

Pack content

  • 134,99 € DELAY : 5 DAYS

    Cette ventouse dédiée à la vidéo 360° vous permettra de fixer votre caméra 360° sur n’importe quelle surface plane non poreuse.

    134,99 €
    DELAY : 5 DAYS
  • 35,95 € DELAY : 5 DAYS

    La pince "super Clamp" se fixe à de nombreux types de supports (tubulaire, carrés, plats etc.) Diamètres acceptés entre 13mm et 55mm. Verrouillage simplifié.

    35,95 €
    DELAY : 5 DAYS
  • 149,00 € IN STOCK

    Restore your Insta360 pro camera’s battery life thanks to this extra battery. Come equipped with multiple batteries to never run out of charge during your shoots. The battery adds a supplementary 65 minutes of battery life.

    149,00 €
  • 96,00 € IN STOCK

    This double charger allows you to charge two batteries at the same time for the Insta360 Pro. Only compatible with the Insta360 Pro cameras batteries.

    96,00 €
  • 5 599,00 € IN STOCK

    Even more powerful, the Insta 360 Pro 2 will seduce all 360 ° video professionals. An even better resolution with 12K photo and 8K video! Benefit from a brand new long-range remote control system "Farsight", an internal stabilizer and an integrated GPS.

    5 599,00 €
  • 34,95 € In Stock

    The  tripod adapter made by Manfrotto is specially designed to attach many accessories to a tripod that use a 1/4'' screw.

    34,95 €
    In Stock
  • 129,90 € WITHIN 5 DAYS

    The 256 GB memory card in microSDXC format is ideal for prolonging your captures with a 360 camera. It has a write speed of 90MB per second and a read speed of 170MB per second. It withstands difficult conditions (temperatures, water, shocks, x-rays).

    129,90 €
  • 430,00 € WITHIN 5 DAYS

    The sumo Stand is an adaptable, sturdy and extendable stand. Vary angles and heights on all types of terrain with the Insta pro, pro 2 or Titan camera. It offers a reliable solution for professional-level captures.

    430,00 €