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Pico G3


Get ready for an extraordinary immersive experience with the PICO G3, the next-generation standalone virtual reality headset. With its stunning visual quality, complete freedom of movement, and extensive library of captivating content, the PICO G3 instantly transports you to fascinating virtual worlds. Discover the future of immersion today with the PICO G3.

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  • PICO G3: The Next-Generation Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

    Introducing the PICO G3, the standalone virtual reality headset that pushes the boundaries of immersion and freedom of movement. With outstanding performance and unparalleled ease of use, the PICO G3 plunges you into the heart of the action with breathtaking visual quality.

    Next-Generation Standalone Headset

    With the PICO G3, there’s no need for a powerful computer or a smartphone to enjoy virtual reality. It integrates an autonomous system that allows you to experience immersive adventures anywhere, without any hassle.

    Superior Visual Quality

    Thanks to its high-resolution display, the PICO G3 offers stunning graphics and sharp details, immersing you in a highly realistic virtual world. Vibrant colors and a high refresh rate ensure a smooth and captivating visual experience.

    Total Freedom of Movement

    Enjoy a limitless virtual reality experience with 3 degrees of freedom (3DoF) positional tracking. Whether you’re moving around your living room or exploring vast virtual worlds, the PICO G3 accurately tracks your movements, offering you complete freedom.

    Extensive Content Library

    Access a vast library of games, applications, and videos through the PICO platform. Discover fantastic worlds, explore immersive environments, and engage in interactive experiences for unique adventures.

    Comfort and Ease of Use

    The PICO G3 is designed to provide optimal comfort, even during extended virtual reality sessions. Its ergonomic and lightweight design reduces fatigue, while the intuitive user interface makes navigation and feature utilization a breeze.

    Advanced Connectivity

    Equipped with fast Wi-Fi connectivity, the PICO G3 allows you to quickly download content and connect online for multiplayer gaming or streaming media.

    Professional Versatility

    Whether you’re a professional seeking an innovative training solution or an immersive presentation, the PICO G3 offers advanced features tailored to business needs, including remote management and the ability to create custom applications.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to dive into a captivating and realistic virtual universe with the PICO G3. Experience total immersion, absolute freedom of movement, and exceptional visual quality. Order your PICO G3 now and embark on an unprecedented virtual reality journey.

  • Field of view 98°
    Resolution 4K Display (3664 x 1920) at 773 pixels per inch (PPI)
    Memory 6 Go
    Display frequency 90 Hz
    Storage 128 Go

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