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UV-C rays, the effective solution for sanitize your VR headsets and tablets

UV-C rays, the effective solution for sanitize your VR headsets and tablets

Quickly discover the UVC box universe and B-SAFE solo

The UVC box range is composed of products offering a better disinfection for computer equipment through the use of UV-C rays which contributes to the eradication of 99.99% of bacteria and viruses such as COVID-19. This range is an eco-responsible alternative to cleaning wipes who have an environmental impact due to their single use and a limited cleaning action. It is also important to mention that manual cleaning could damage the surfaces of your items with the time.

Accross the different kind of products, we invite you to discover the three sizes of UVISAN cabinets: SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE. The large model is able to treat 30 VR headsets in the same time. Each cabinet has a secure storage space. In addition to this range, we will introduce you to the B-SAFE box which uses the same technology as the UV-C cabinets, offering an optimal treatment for your virtual reality headset during each disinfection session.

The UVISAN small VR12 cabinet, the proper tool for those who need to disinfect very few items.

The UVISAN small VR 12 UV-C cabinet is an essential tool for the disinfection of computer equipment. With its small size, it remains easy to handle and move thanks to its four wheels and the two side handles positioned on the top of the device. This model is the smallest one and it offers the possibility to sanitize instantly 12 VR headsets / 30 tablets and even 6 laptops. The integration of 12 USB ports will allow you to charge quickly your VR headsets or for example your laptops at any time, which makes it a real asset for its multiple uses.

UV-C rays; the greatest asset of the UVISAN medium VR20 cabinet

The UVISAN medium VR20 UV-C cabinet is the intermediate model among the product range offered. Like the previous model, its design makes it a major asset due to its size and its multifunctional aspect. Easy to use, you just need to press a button to start automatically the sanitization program who will be efficient in only 2 minutes. If your equipment is bulky or has grooves on the surface, we advise you to start a 5 minutes cycle for an optimum action. This model has the capacity to process 20 VR headsets / 60 tablets or 12 13" laptops during each cycle. Like the others models, a secure handle let your items locked and safe during the storage. Your equipment can be fast charged during or after the disinfection process thanks to the presence of 20 USB ports.

The UVISAN Large VR30 cabinet; a huge storage and a disinfection space for your computer equipment

The UVISAN Large VR30 UV-C cabinet is the better alternative for disinfected your computer equipment across the action of the UV-C rays. Its design offers you a simplicity of use and the four wheels make it easier to move. This cabinet has three shelves that allow you to store all the equipment requiring disinfection after use, like VR headsets, tablets or laptops. Unlike the previous models, its consequent measures make it the better option for those who need to optimize the disinfection process thanks to its greater storage capacity. Indeed, you can store 30 VR headsets / 75 tablets even 18 laptops. This tool is the best ally for those who need to save time through a quick disinfection process unlike the classical way whose a tedious process and could damage your equipment in the long run. The add of 30 USB ports is the best solution to charge quickly your devices during or after the disinfection phases and optimize their use.

The B-SAFE solo case: an optimum cleaning tool for your VR headset and its controllers

The B-SAFE solo sterilizer offers a simultaneous disinfection for all kind of brands of VR headset and its controllers. Its small size saves space and its intuitive design makes it easy to use. All you have to do is to start a decontamination cycle for 2 minutes pushing a button on the front. This short time cycle will allow you to economize time between two uses of the equipment. For more safety when you use it, a warning sounds inform you when the door is still open. An LCD screen on the front of the case give the main instructions and indicates the time remaining before the end of every cycle. It is also possible to optimize the B-safe solo case using the USB port to charge quickly all your accessories.

Team's opinion

This range through various elements such as the intuitive design, the short disinfection cycles or the ability to charge quickly the computer accessories, provides an ideal solution who perfectly match with companies who have for exemple arcade rooms with a lot of material passing through the hands of numerous players. We can also mentioned institutions in contact with the public like museums which need to quickly decontaminate elements such as VR headsets or audio guides.