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Meta Quest Pro


The Meta Quest Pro headset offers a very high-level experience in Virtual Reality.

Its mixed reality, multitasking organization, and remote collaboration systems offer a unique and new way to interact in VR.

Equipped with a more precise optical system than its predecessor, this helmet offers a unique visual rendering, which will sublimate all your projects.

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  • Meta Quest Pro headset

    VR for creators, pros and gamers

    Dedicated to professionals, creators and even gamers, the Meta Quest Pro has been designed to make the way you work and even collaborate remotely as easy as possible.

    Are you new to VR? Continue to enjoy the Quest 2 app catalog and find your favorite apps, games and other entertainment.

    All of which can be stored without difficulty thanks to the 256 GB of storage available to the VR headset.

    Meta’s most versatile and powerful VR headset

    Its 10 high-performance sensors have been specially designed to work both in Virtual Reality and in mixed reality.

    Added to this is the most immersive spatial sound, which will allow you to perceive your virtual environment in an even more realistic way.

    The whole thing is pushed by 12 GB of RAM and a state-of-the-art processor, the Snapdragon XR2+, which offers 50% more power than what was previously possible.

    The Quest Pro’s Quick Charge Dock means the headset and its controllers are always charged in no time and ready to go.

    VR at the service of the creative process

    The Meta Quest Pro has something to delight creators by allowing them to express all their creativity.

    In addition to its user-friendliness and advanced features, it relies on a rich catalog of VR editing and painting applications.

    Don’t let any limits get in the way of your imagination!

    Visualize an object before it is created or the interior of a house before it is built.

    A whole new way to experience VR

    A more efficient optical system

    The Meta Quest Pro offers exceptional visual rendering, far superior to that of its predecessor.

    The VR elements are sublimated and have a particular aesthetic.

    The optical technologies and pancake lenses that the helmet incorporates allow it to perform better in various areas:

    75% higher contrast.
    More vibrant colors.
    1.3x wider color gamut.
    Advanced LCD display technology: 37% more pixels per inch.
    A 40% thinner optical stack.

    Intuitive controllers with Surgical Precision

    Hold VR at your fingertips with the Meta Quest Pro’s ergonomic and precise controllers (sold with the headset).

    The controllers have a bluffing intuitiveness, made possible by an automatic tracking system and TruTouch haptic feedback.

    They are equipped with 3 cameras and a Snapdragon 662 processor, which allow them to take into account 360° movements with very high precision.

    Quest Pro’s innovative controllers make you feel even closer to the virtual environment, all with up to 8 hours of battery life.

    Collaborate remotely with VR

    Keep one foot in reality with mixed reality

    The Meta Quest Pro headset incorporates mixed reality functionality, which allows you to view your projects in Virtual Reality while remaining grounded in the real world.

    This unique feature is all the more practical as it is implemented in color and with a resolution 4 times higher than that of the Quest 2.

    The compromise of the mix between reality and VR makes it possible to create, work and communicate in a way that is both familiar and visionary.

    Collaboration in VR has never been easier

    The Quest Pro integrates the possibility of inviting collaborators to join your space, regardless of where they are.

    Communicate in real time and with as much efficiency as face-to-face, if not more.

    Never have your remote projects been completed so efficiently and quickly.

    Even thousands of miles away from your collaborators, perceive their facial expressions: winks, smiles, frowns... and their gestures, so that your interviews retain a part of authenticity.

    The perfect combination of comfort and elegance

    The Quest Pro, a unique design

    The Meta Quest Pro features a front and rear counterweight design as well as a well thought out skull support system.

    These elements make it a headset with high-end ergonomics, tailored for all types of VR sessions, from the longest to the shortest.

    The helmet is also compatible with wearing glasses, so no worries for those who wear them!

    Decide your level of immersion

    Depending on your morphology and your preferences, adjust your eye comfort so that you have the VR experience that suits you best.

    The Quest Pro includes a pupil distance adjustment system that supports a margin of 55-77mm.

    Also adjust the influence of peripheral vision by leaving it more or less open thanks to the anti-light rings.

    Multitasking: perfectly ergonomic use  

    The comfort of the Meta Quest Pro does not stop at its design, it extends to its interface.

    It is now possible to organize your workspace as you see fit in order to gain considerably in productivity and speed.

    With the ability to open multiple resizable windows, you can now multitask!


    1x Meta Quest Pro headset
    2x Meta Quest Touch controllers
    2x Stylus nibs
    2x Partial anti-light rings (left and right)
    1x ProCharging Station
    1x 45W USB-C power adapter
    1x Controller charging cable
    1x Charging cable (headset)
    1x Cable Tie
    1x Protective Cover
    2x Hand Straps
    1x Cleaning Cloth

  • Connections USB-C
    Lenses Pancake
    Compatible with glasses Yes
    Storage 256 Gb

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